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Focus Your Spring Cleaning on These Key Areas

The days will soon be getting longer and (hopefully!) the weather will be getting warmer. Now is the time to start spring cleaning! Use this as an opportunity to pay attention to some of the areas of your facility that may not get regular cleaning but could use a deep clean after the colder months. Follow these tips to revitalize your facility for the new season.


Carpets take a toll in the winter, but we have the cleaning supplies in Danville to make them look new again for spring. Vacuum regularly in high-traffic areas to rid carpets of the debris, salt, snow and mud tracked in by visitors. Consider doing a deeper-clean if needed to remove spots or stains.


Cleaning around objects like filing cabinets and desks is fine for regular maintenance, but spring cleaning means moving! Get every last bit of dust and dirt by moving these items out of the way for a deeper cleaning. You may be surprised how many dust bunnies you find lurking in the nooks and crannies of the floors behind these objects.


The sun will soon be shining, so let it in your facility by giving the windows a good cleaning. Get a streak-free shine by using the right cleaning supplies in Danville.


Focus on the harder-to-reach areas of your facility this spring, including the tops of light fixtures, air returns and the corners of your ceilings. Dusting well will reduce allergens in your facility, creating a healthier atmosphere for the new season.


Remove dirt, dust, grease and stains from upholstery by giving it a professional cleaning this spring. This will improve the appearance of your furniture, extend its lifespan and freshen the air in your facility.

For all the cleaning supplies you need to get these tasks done effectively and efficiently, shop our online catalog!