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Maximize Your Cleaning Efficiency with the Betco® GeneSys 20ORB Orbital Automatic Scrubber

Keeping your facility clean and presentable is more crucial than ever. The Betco® GeneSys 20ORB Orbital Automatic Scrubber represents the pinnacle of floor cleaning technology, offering unmatched efficiency and ease of use. Let’s explore the dynamic features and benefits of this cutting-edge machine.

Advanced Orbital Scrubbing Technology

The GeneSys 20ORB comes equipped with an innovative orbital scrubbing technology which provides a comprehensive clean with minimal water and chemical use. This technology ensures deep cleaning and effectively removes soil, leaving floors spotless with reduced effort and increased sustainability.

Compact Design and Easy Maneuverability

Designed with a compact frame, the GeneSys 20ORB allows for easy maneuverability around obstacles and through narrow spaces. This is particularly advantageous in cluttered environments or areas filled with furniture, such as classrooms or busy office spaces.

Efficient Cleaning with a Square Pad

The square scrubbing pad offers a significant advantage over traditional round pads. It reaches closer to edges and into corners, reducing the need for manual cleaning along baseboards and beneath fixtures. This design enhances cleaning precision and saves time, ensuring that no area is left unattended.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

With the emphasis on sustainability, the GeneSys 20ORB excels by reducing the amount of water and cleaning solution needed. This not only lessens environmental impact but also cuts down on ongoing costs for supplies, making it an eco-friendly and economical choice for any facility.

User-Friendly Controls and Minimal Training Required

The intuitive control panel is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that operators can quickly learn and efficiently use the scrubber. This ease of use reduces training time and helps in quickly integrating the scrubber into your cleaning routine.


The Betco® GeneSys 20ORB Orbital Automatic Scrubber is an essential tool for any business looking to improve its floor cleaning process. It is designed to tackle the toughest dirt and grime, all while being easy to operate and environmentally friendly.

Interested in Enhancing Your Cleaning Process?

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