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How Much is Ineffective Matting Costing You?

FloorMattingDanville72 cents. That’s how much it costs every time someone walks into your facility if you don’t have an effective matting program. Without good matting, you’ll spend an average of 72 cents to locate and properly remove soil, according to ISSA.

Let’s do the math: If 1,000 people stroll into your facility over the next 20 days and you don’t have matting installed, about 24 pound of soil will end up inside. Removing one pound costs about $600. To remove the soil from that 20 day period, you’d spend an incredible $14,400. That’s $720 per day.

There are two options facility managers have to amend this problem:

1. They may limit the amount of people entering their facilities each day, or…
2. They may take preventive steps to keep soils outside regardless of how many people enter the facility.

The second option is far more appealing than the first, right?

Installing an effective matting system in your facility can save you money in the long-run while keeping your floors looking like new. Five feet of matting will capture just over 30 percent of debris tracked in on shoes; ten feet of matting will capture over half of the debris; and 25 feet will capture nearly 100% of debris and soil tracked in from shoe bottoms.

The type of matting you choose is just as important as the amount: scraper mats are ideal for getting rid of larger debris outside; wiper scrapers are perfect for the immediate entrance, and wiper mats can be placed beyond that space to further capture soil and reduce cleaning costs.

To learn more about how this small step can make a huge difference in your cleaning budget, contact the team at DP Supply, Inc. today. Our expert staff can help you choose the right floor matting for your facility — give us a call today at 800-821-2389!