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Winters in Illinois are notoriously bad, but if you’re prepared, you can weather any storm! Having ice melt on hand is a great way to protect your home and family, but you have to use it properly to get the desired results. Follow these tips when applying ice melt to your sidewalks and driveways.

Use ice melt safely.

Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when laying down ice melt. One of the best ways to protect your property is to use a spreader with guards to stop ice melt from going on areas that can be damaged, like vegetation.

Invest in the right kind of ice melt.

Cheaping out on ice melt can result in poor results and wasting product. The lowest price may be appealing now, but if you have to buy more of a sub-par product, you aren’t saving in the long run. As a rule of thumb, you should use about two to four ounces of ice melt per square yard.

Buying the right kind of ice melt for your environment is also important. There are many types on the market, including those made from rock salt, solarized salt, magnesium chloride, urea and other compounds. Be aware of each one’s unique melting temperatures and how they affect vegetation and concrete. Talk to an associate here at DP Supply, Inc. to get a recommendation on what is best for your area.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Plan ahead to ensure you have enough ice melt on hand before a major storm hits. Stock up now to be prepared. Keep an eye on the forecast to lay out ice melt before the snow starts to fall to ensure maximum and long-lasting results. Getting started before a storm will save you product and labor too.

Store ice melt properly.

Keep open bags of ice melt stored in your garage in airtight containers and away from sunlight, air and moisture. Some types of ice melters, including those made from calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, draw moisture from the air. Store them well to prevent the products from hardening, degrading and clumping.

Choose the right products.

MegaMelt ProSlicer

By combining a high-performance liquid deicer and ice melt crystals, MegaMelt ProSlicer is the fastest product for melting ice and snow on the market today. Each crystal is encapsulated in liquid deicer through an innovative technology, giving it the performance of a fast melting liquid deicer and the long-lasting power of a granular ice melt. This product quickly melts snow and ice in temperatures as low as 20-degrees below zero. The combination of deicer and ice melt means fewer applications are needed, and the vivid purple color makes it easy to apply. MegaMelt ProSlicer even maintains a residual melting effect after winter storms, and it is safer on skin, pets and plants when used as directed.

Safer than Salt

This proprietary formula contains fast-acting ingredients for quick protection against ice. It’s also long-lasting and safer for the environment! Enhanced with CMA and magnesium chloride, Safer than Salt works down to temperatures after other products stop working. We also love the highly-visible rose color that helps avoid over-application.

Ice Patrol Rock Salt

This economical and effective ice melt is one of our favorites because the optimally-sized granules deliver maximum performance, and it is perfect for using in commercial spreaders. Smaller crystals melt on contact while larger crystals provide instant traction and longevity. This fast-acting formula initiates quick de-icing and meltdown, there’s no need for protective clothing during application, and Ice Patrol Rock Salt reduces damage to concrete, making it one of the safest ice melters available.

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