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Summertime Strategies: Preparing Your School’s Restroom Cleaning Program

Summertime cleaning strategies for schools

During summer break, school corridors might be silent without students, but the cleaning and maintenance crews kick into high gear. This pause from the academic hustle offers a valuable window for those in charge of school cleanliness to regroup, restock and strategize for the upcoming year.

The significance of a well-maintained school environment extends beyond mere aesthetics. It plays a key role in promoting a conducive and healthy learning atmosphere, boosting student productivity and ensuring higher attendance rates. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), schools with an up-to-date maintenance regime boast higher average daily attendance and a lower annual dropout rate.

From classrooms to the cafeteria, and particularly the restrooms, thorough cleanliness should be a top priority. As you strategize for the upcoming school year, here are some crucial considerations for your restroom cleaning program.

Using school cleaning supplies in Danville from DP Supply Inc.

Choose Cleaning Supplies that Deliver

Having a robust inventory of cleaning supplies is fundamental when it comes to keeping school restrooms sparkling. Stock up on essentials likea all-purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, hand soaps, disinfectants and glass cleaners. You can find all of these products and more in our easy-to-use online catalog, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for our top recommendations for your specific needs and budget.

Empower Your Team with Training

A well-stocked cleaning supply closet can only take you halfway. Empowering your staff through training is key to leveraging these cleaning solutions to their fullest potential. Utilize the summer break to conduct training sessions for your custodial staff. Familiarize them with the right dilution ratios, application techniques and safety protocols for your supplies.

Prepare to Combat Restroom Odors

Betco urinal screens for school restrooms

Persistent restroom odor is a common issue in schools that can tarnish the perception of the school’s overall cleanliness. The good news is, you can address this issue head-on. One powerful ally in your arsenal are Betco’s Anti-Splash Urinal Screens. This product is specifically designed to reduce the spread of germs and unpleasant odors in urinals, all while diffusing a long-lasting, pleasant scent. Its patented Micro-Tubed Technology activates upon contact with urine, allowing the heat-activated plastic pores to release a concentrated fragrance. The screen is enzyme-powered to prevent malodors, making it particularly suitable for high traffic public restrooms. Its flexible design ensures a proper fit to any urinal, effectively preventing debris buildup and making it perfect for both water and waterless urinals. Plus, with a focus on environmental responsibility, the Betco Anti-Splash Urinal Screen is 100% recyclable, VOC compliant, and free of CFCs. Click here to learn more and order online!

In addition to this, stock up on other odor combatting supplies such as air fresheners, neutralizers, deodorizing systems, commode clips and mats. Regular drain maintenance can keep unpleasant smells at bay, and opting for a disinfectant that combats both germs and odors can be a game-changer — try Betco’s AF315 Disinfectant Cleaner to clean, disinfect and deodorize in one step!

Make Hand Hygiene Convenient

In the pursuit of a healthier school environment, championing hand hygiene practices is critical. Repair and replace any malfunctioning soap and sanitizer dispensers during the summer downtime. Make use of eye-catching and informative signage to educate students about the importance of hand hygiene.

Betco’s Clario Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is a top-tier choice for your hygiene requirements. This unique sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs within a quick span of 15 seconds, effectively bolstering hygiene between hand washes. What sets it apart is its gentle formulation that respects the skin’s natural balance, ensuring it doesn’t lead to dryness or irritation – a common concern with frequent hand sanitization. The thick, rich foam of the product encourages regular hand hygiene, while its fresh, neutral scent enhances the overall hand sanitizing experience. This creamy foaming lather is enriched with air, allowing for thorough sanitizing while using almost 50% less liquid than traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers – a win for both hygiene and efficiency. Click here to order yours today!

Make the Most of Summer

Even though summer break zips by, it’s the perfect time to plan your cleaning strategies, conduct staff training and stock up on cleaning supplies for schools in Danville. By the time the school doors swing open again, you’ll be prepared to tackle any cleaning challenges head-on, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

With a little planning, when the new school year rolls around, not only will the students be primed to take on new challenges, but your cleaning crew will also be ready and equipped with the knowledge, tools and strategies to keep your school sparkling clean.