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Spring is (finally!) right around the corner, and we’re willing to bet that your floors are looking a bit worse for wear after winter. Start planning your floor spring cleaning now! Here are some of our favorite floor finishes, strippers, cleaners and tools for cleaning and restoring your floors: 

Betco Untouchable Floor Finish 

Looking for the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labor? This low odor, black heel mark resistant floor finish is the perfect solution. A real labor saver, Untouchable is non-scuffing, durable and detergent resistant, and it maintains its high gloss with minimal burnishing. Suitable for use on all floors, it performs exceptionally well with either high speed or spray buffing. Click here to order. 

Betco Hard As Nails Hard Film Floor Finish 

This floor finish from Betco utilizes highly durable internally cross-linked polymers blended to achieve a harder floor finish film. This unique chemistry cures faster and harder than any other metal-interlock finish, and it has a labor saving advantage for retail and education facilities with little time for burnishing. Click here to order.  

Betco Extreme Floor Stripper 

Utilizing the latest in technology, this powerful professional stripper unlocks the chemical bonds of acrylic and urethane fortified floor finishes releasing them from the floor surface and is suitable for use on most surfaces. Developed to quickly strip multiple coats of burnished finish from a variety of floors, it has a lower Ph than competitive formulas and requires no neutralization or rinsing. Click here to order. 

Betco Ax-It Plus Stripper 

A very aggressive no-rinse stripper, Betco Ax-It Plus cuts through layers of old finish in just minutes with less effort and no rinsing. Floors are ready to redcoat without neutralizing when used as directed. Click here to order. 

Betco Top Flite All Purpose Cleaner 

Use this advanced formula to clean and deodorize most water-washable surfaces. It’s great for mop and bucket applications and is extremely effective in hard water. It even suspends the toughest soils and keeps them from redepositing on the surface. Click here to order. 

Betco pH7 All Purpose Cleaner 

Ideal for use with mop buckets and pails or auto scrubbers, this mild cleaner will emulsify and suspend dirt and grime from your hard surface floors. Leaves no film behind and won’t attack, haze or dull floor gloss. Click here to order. Click here to order. 

O Cedar MaxiRough 32 Qt. Mop Bucket & Wringer 

We love this mop bucket and wringer because the slot on the rim of the bucket makes securing the scraper safe and easy. The non-marking swivel casters also provide excellent maneuverability on any surface. Click here to order. 

O Cedar Quick Change Fiberglass Mopstick Handle 

This extremely durable yet lightweight mopstick handle features an easy trigger release to quickly discard your soiled mop without having to touch it. It’s easy to sanitize, and we love using color-coordinated handles to decrease the risk of cross-contamination when cleaning. Click here to order.