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Troubleshooting Five Common Floor Finish Problems

Experiencing floor finish troubles? We’ve got answers! This guide outlines common issues faced when applying or maintaining floor finish, along with their best solutions.

Problem: Floor finish looks streaky.

This issue can be caused by a number of factors. Too little polish in the mop during application can cause streaks. If that’s the case, scrub and recoat without overworking the mop, and avoid using wrung-out mops, and make sure your mop head is thoroughly washed before applying finish.

Poor rinsing or a too-thick finish can also cause streaky results. If residue has been left on the floor surface, always rinse before applying floor finish. For best results, apply each coat of floor finish thinly and evenly. If you do apply a coat too thickly, use a blue pad to dry buff it and recoat.

Taking your time and allowing each coat of finish to dry completely is essential for good results. If streaking shows after you’ve applied more than three coats of finish, the cause is likely moisture trapped in the finish film. Wait until the floor has completely dried, then dry buff using a polish pad and recoat.

Problem: Poor leveling, wetting or spreading of floor finish.

To avoid this issue, always adequately clean the floor before applying finish. Remember that finish won’t bond or spread properly over a surface with alkaline residue, so always rinse thoroughly and let the floor dry completely. If you’re experiencing this problem with a floor finish applied over factory finish on new tile, strip it thoroughly, rinse, let dry and reapply finish.

Problem: Poor initial gloss.

This is usually caused by not using enough floor finish. Use a minimum of four to six coats on all stripped floors for best results. You may also notice poor initial gloss if your floor has high porosity. If you know your floor is very porous before beginning, apply a coat or two of sealer first.

Problem: Poor after gloss.

Is your floor dirty? Clean it well and rinse it thoroughly, then use a restorer and burnish to bring back gloss. Make sure you always use the right brushes or pads – red pads are for routine scrubbing, blue or green pads are for deep scrubbing, and coral, white or tan pads are for buffing.

Using an alkaline cleaner or degreaser can also result in a duller finish and even cause a hazy film to develop on the floor. Bring the gloss back by using a mop-on restorer, and stick to a neutral cleaner for routine maintenance.

Problem: Floor finish is sticky or tacky.

Improper drying time is the likely culprit. Remember to apply thin coats of finish and let them dry completely before applying another coat. Longer drying times may be required in environments with stagnant air conditions, low temperatures or high humidity.

Choosing a quality floor finish can help you avoid these and other problems. Betco offers a complete line of high-performing finishes designed for a range of maintenance program and facility needs.

Short on time? We recommend Betco’s Hard as Nails Hard Film Floor Finish because it cures faster and harder than any other metal-interlock finish. It’s a true labor-saver that results in a high gloss, long-wearing finish perfect for retail or education facilities that have little or no time for floor burnishing. Order in our online catalog here!

We also love Betco’s Hi-Tech Floor Finish, designed specifically to achieve outstanding performance when used in a high speed maintenance program. This self-leveling and sealing formula is appropriate for all types of resilient flooring and produces an excellent wet look shine after burnishing. Learn more and order in our online catalog.