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Best Practices for Scrubbing Hardwood Floors

Regular floor scrubbing is essential for maintaining hardwood floors in large spaces. When it comes to keeping your lobby area, gym floor or other space beautiful, durable and safe, a little bit of regular maintenance can go a long way.

While floor scrubbing can add shine, resilience and years to your hardwood floor and finish, it’s important to remember that the technique of scrubbing hardwood is a bit different than other surfaces. Stronger solutions are typical for cleaning surfaces like stone, linoleum and tile, and aggressive surfactants are recommended for those surface types. Hardwood floors require a more gentle approach when floor scrubbing. Follow these tips to get the most out of your floor scrubber and hardwood floors.

Measure Carefully

Wood and water don’t mix! When you are preparing your cleaning solution, carefully follow instructions and measure your solution to find the proper balance of water and cleaning concentrate. Avoid “over-watering” while scrubbing. Remember — less is more!

Use the Right Cleaning Solution

You don’t need harsh surfactants to make your floors look their best — in fact, aggressive solutions can actually reduce the lifespan of your hardwood floors, dull the finish and even cause damages requiring much higher levels of maintenance. Choose a pH-neutral cleaning solution for best results. Ask us for our favorite recommendations!

Choose the Right Pad

Using the right pad is as important as choosing the right cleaning solution when it comes to deep cleaning your hardwood floors. Choose the right abrasion level and a pad design specifically for hardwood floors. We love microfiber pads because they scrub dirt without causing damages to hardwood finishes, and they are both washable and reusable.

Choose the Right Floor Scrubber

ICE’s auto floor scrubbers increase cleaning efficiency, minimize costs, maximize maneuverability and deliver reliable cleaning power for hardwood floors and other surfaces. Featuring innovations like state-of-the-art touch pad control systems and oversized solution tanks, ICE floor scrubbers are an essential part of any facility’s cleaning program.

i20NB Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber

This pad-assist auto floor scrubber features a die-cast aluminum brush deck and curved squeegee plus an oversized tank capacity of 15 gallons. We love that this unit offers up to 99 lbs of pad pressure and delivers an extra 30 minutes of battery time vs. the self-propelled version.

i24BT Walk-Behind Traction Drive Auto Scrubber

This cost-effective auto floor scrubber features a dual brush design, aluminum brush base/pick-up tool and steel chassis. The 15 gallon solution tank delivers up to 99lb of pad pressure. This compact machine performs just as powerfully as our larger models.

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