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Cleaning Supplies in Danville for Battling Bed Bug Infestations in Hotels

It is almost the holiday season, which means family get-togethers, reunions with friends, festive parties and plenty of travel. Upon arriving in our hotel rooms after a long day of flights or driving, most of us throw our luggage down on a rack, then flop onto the bed. That’s a natural (and comfortable!) inclination, but it’s also risky because hotel beds are prime real estate for… bed bugs.

These tiny, wingless insects are about the size of a speck of dust, making them tough to spot, and motels and hotels are the third most popular place to find them. Once they make their way into a hotel, they can easily spread from room to room through vacuum cleaners, wall sockets, clothing, pipes and luggage. And don’t think they are limited to only seedy motels — they’ve been spotted in some of the finest resorts in the world too.

For hotel cleaning staff, understanding the way bed bugs move, thrive and survive is half the battle of controlling them.

Early detection is key, and your cleaning staff should adopt a thorough inspection process. This step can stop a small infiltration from ballooning into a serious infestation.

If your staff spots bedbugs, use our cleaning supplies in Danville and follow these steps to get rid of the pests:

  • The first step is the simplest. Suck up the bugs carefully with a vacuum! Remember that vacuuming alone won’t kill the bugs, and they can easily escape a bag in only a few minutes. To prevent re-infestation, seal the vacuum bag tightly and toss it in the trash outside of the hotel. Clean the vacuum hose before re-entering the building as well.
  • Freezing textiles or objects can kill off bedbugs. Lay them in a freezer for a minimum of three days.
  • Hot water can also kill the insects. Toss linens in the washing machine to destroy all stages of bedbugs. Make sure the water is above 55 degrees Celsius to complete the job.
  • Next, place all infested textiles in the dryer and crank it up to the highest setting for a minimum of 30 minutes.


Remember that these tiny pests can stay hidden easily in electrical outlets, within floor cracks and under mattresses for as long as two years. Taking a proactive approach, like investing in easy-to-dismantle structures or joint-free furniture, may make it easier to battle future infestations.