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Common Cleaning Complaints and How to Overcome Them

How many times a week do you scrub the toilets in your home? Once? Twice? What about your garbage? Are you taking it out at the end of every day, or just when it’s time for pickup and your bin is full? 

Now think about the facility you manage. Those toilets are likely cleaned daily, and chances are you take the trash out every single day. And if you don’t, fingers will quickly point to your janitorial staff. 

When visiting facilities in every industry, including commercial spaces, offices, schools and municipal buildings, expectations of cleanliness skyrocket. When those expectations aren’t met or exceeded, complaints start rolling in. 

Facility Cleaning Decisions recently conducted a survey of common complaints  regarding cleaning, and the results are fascinating. 

Restroom Complaints Most Common 

We weren’t surprised to learn that most complaints stem from restrooms. After all, the cleanliness of your restrooms seems to set the expectation for the entire facility, and these areas see more foot traffic than almost any other space. 

Nearly half of facility managers say restrooms are the toughest spaces to keep clean. One survey participant went as far to say that staff could be stationed inside restrooms all day long and still not meet every cleaning demand. 

The highest amount of complaints regarding restrooms included soap and paper products not being filled, odors, smudged mirrors and trash overflowing from bins. Stock up on your favorite restroom cleaning supplies in Danville to avoid these issues!

The Other Most Common Complaints 

Second to complaints about restrooms were complaints about pests. Cleaning managers who participated in the survey talked often about insect issues caused by food left out by facility occupants. 

The other most common cleaning-related complaints received by managers were not emptying trash, a need for better vacuuming and mopping, clogged drains, cobwebs, chemical odors, a lack of dusting, carpet spots and sticky floors. 

Managing Complaints 

While cleaning managers admitted that less than ten percent of complaints are purely subjective or frivolous, those can be reduced by training custodial staff, making specific improvements to cleaning procedures and educating and communicating with building occupants.