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Workplace stress is growing at alarming rates, and it is now the most common work-related illness in the country. Businesses large and small are struggling with the consequences, including lack of motivation, reduced energy, mental health issues and even physical symptoms that are caused by workplace stress. One of the best ways to combat this is to give your employees a break and create a warm, welcoming place for them to step back from their desks for a few moments to refresh.

Coffee breaks became popular in the US following World War II, when coffee vending machines first emerged. For the first time, workers could grab a cup of joe and be back at their desks in just minutes. Since then, a number of studies have shown the many benefits of coffee breaks:

They relieve stress: Enjoying coffee breaks with coworkers can help employees cope with major stressors, according to a Danish study published in Symbolic Reaction.

They increase focus: In 2011, a study published in the journal Cognition showed that one’s ability to concentrate is dramatically improved after a brief diversion from the task.

They boost productivity: According to an MIT study of Bank of America call center employees, coffee breaks and the interactions they foster help reduce stress and increase productivity. Once coffee breaks became a regular part of company culture, productivity surged by approximately $15 million a year.

They recharge your team:
The Energy Project of New York City reports that downtime during the workday helps people work more efficiently, make less mistakes and engage more in the tasks they perform.

The Best Coffee and Break Room Supplies in Danville

Using the right coffee and break room supplies in Danville is key to reaping these benefits. Our inventory includes everything you need to make your break room refreshing and welcoming. From coffees and teas to creamers, sugars, cups and more, you’ll find it all in our online catalog. Here are some of our favorite break room products:

Folgers Coffee

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup,” but we think it’s the best part of a coffee break too. There’s a reason that Folgers Classic Roast has been a favorite for generations. We love its rich, smooth flavor and fresh aroma.

Coffee Mate Creamer

These creamers transform and elevate coffee. Our favorite flavors for the break room are Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Mocha and Original, which is rich, smooth and classic.

Sugar and Sugar Substitute

Sweeten your coffee or tea with our sugar and sugar substitutes, including Sweet ‘N Low,  Splenda and Equal.

Lipton and Bigelow Teas

You don’t have to take “coffee break” literally, and Lipton and Bigelow teas make a great alternative when you want something warm and soothing.

Bunn Coffee Equipment

Whether you’re serving up coffee, tea or cappuccino, Bunn equipment is reliable and stylish. Since 1957, Bunn has been a leader in dispensed beverage equipment, and their technologies meet the changing needs of customers while delivering the highest possible quality beverages.

To learn more about our coffee and break room supplies in Danville, contact us today!