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FAQs: Disinfecting Wipes for Healthcare Facilities

DisinfectingWipesBrocktonMany of our customers love disinfecting wipes for their convenient cleaning action, but many have questions about how to use them best in healthcare facilities. In this blog post, we will address the most common questions we receive on the subject:

Q: When can I use cleaning or disinfecting wipes instead of cleaning cloths and spray chemicals in a healthcare setting?

A: Disinfecting wipes are an ideal alternative to cloths and chemicals in operating rooms because they do not leave a mist behind in the air. For this reason, they are also particularly effective for cleaning around patients with respiratory problems. Disinfecting wipes can also be used in many other areas of hospitals and healthcare facilities because they reduce the risk of cross-contamination more than over-used rags.

Q: How can I make sure my janitorial staff is adhering to correct contact times with disinfecting wipes?

A: Dwell or contact times vary from wipe to wipe, depending on the product’s kill times and how fast the formula evaporates from a surface. If the product evaporates too quickly, re-wiping may be needed, and additional wipes may be required to ensure the surface stays wet the entire contact time listed on the label.

Q: Can I use disinfecting wipes around patients?

A: Yes! EPA-registered products are safe when used in accordance with the label, but wipes should only be used as intended. For example, wipes should not be used on skin or for hand hygiene if they are formulated for environmental surfaces.

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