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Floor Matting: FAQs Answered

Q: Are anti-fatigue mats really worth the investment?

A: Yes!! When your employees are standing on floors for prolonged periods, they can develop many issues, including discomfort and pain, a decrease in productivity and even reduced concentration. Anti-fatigue mats prevent or reduce these health issues and help your employees feel their best all day long.

Q: How can I prevent accidents involving mats in my facility?

A: The first thing facility managers need to consider is who is walking around the facility and if the floor matting system is a good match for their needs. For example, in hospitals where patients may be in wheelchairs,“rollability” is a key feature. In these settings, recessed matting systems are essential because they keep the mat level to the floor. Contact the team at Danville today to talk about your needs and get the best recommendations from our experts!

Investing in higher-quality, thicker matting systems is another way to avoid slip and falls. These mats won’t cause trips by rolling up on the edges.

Replacing mats when needed is vital to preventing accidents. Distressed mats with rippling edges can cause trips, and traction is reduced when the top surface of the mat becomes worn down. If you notice these issues, it is time to replace the mat.

Q: Can floor matting systems contribute to green cleaning initiatives?

A: Floor mats keep dirt out of facilities, reducing the energy and labor needed to remove it from facility floors. Removing a single pound of dirt from a building can cost up to $600! An effective floor matting system will prevent much of it from ever entering your facility. It is simply the greenest, most eco-friendly way to prevent dirt and debris from getting in because it works every hour of every day without electricity, labor or cleaning chemicals.

Q: Do all floor mats look the same? What types of matting styles, textures, colors and fibers are available?

A: Aesthetics is often at the top of mind for building managers. It’s a key consideration when choosing a floor matting system because first impressions are important, and a matting system is one of the first things that greets patrons when they walk through a facility door.

Today’s mats come in an incredible variety of colors, textures, styles and fibers. They don’t have to be black!