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Green Cleaning Improves Results, Health and Your Bottom Line

Green cleaning can help you achieve better results, improve the well-being of your team and everyone in your facilities and even help you reduce cleaning costs. If you think this sounds too good to be true, keep reading as we take a closer look at how green cleaning products can have a positive impact on your customers, staff and budget.

Cleaning for Health

As janitorial professionals, we know that cleaning goes beyond appearances. We clean for health. Your janitorial team is the first line of defense against germs and bacteria for everyone who steps foot in your building. We clean to remove contaminants that make us sick, to remove food sources for pests and to prevent slip and fall accidents on dirty floors.

Green products take cleaning for health a step further. When you choose green products like those from EnvirOx, you are protecting the health of your employees, customers and guests by reducing chemical exposure that can be directly linked to inducing allergies, asthma attacks, chemical burns and even cancer. Your choice of cleaning products makes a difference!

Cutting Costs Through Green Cleaning

Health is of the utmost importance, but we know that your budget, inventory space and time is important to consider too. Green, healthy cleaning can actually improve all of these things too.

Choosing safer, greener products can reduce workers comp issues. Approximately 6% of custodial workers make a chemical-related claim each year. Choosing safer products reduces this risk significantly.

Safer cleaner solutions also reduce surface wear and tear. When you choose products that are safer for people and the environment, you’re also making a choice to better protect your facility’s carpets, fixtures and more.

Green cleaning chemicals from EnvirOx are concentrated to deliver a high yield. That means a small amount of concentrated chemical creates a lot of cleaning product. This can reduce your costs significantly over time and reduce packaging in landfills.

EnvirOx’s H2Orange2 Sanitizer/Virucide Cleaner really embodies these benefits. It’s one product with two dilutions that can take care of 95% of your general cleaning needs.

This premium, patented original formula combines cold-pressed Orange Oil and hydrogen peroxide to clean, deodorize, degrease and sanitize any water-safe surface, and the hyper-concentrated formula delivers even more value per gallon.

Using this one product can allow you to do away with many other, more expensive products, freeing up room in both your budget and your inventory space.

Simplicity: This one product can take care of 95% of your cleaning needs. Nothing is simpler than that!

Savings: Replace dozens of expensive specialty cleaners with H2Orange2, reduce surface damage and limit the risk of staff injury to save on costly repairs and worker’s compensation. Easy, quick training means even more savings in time and money.

Amazing Results: This proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology penetrates deep, breaking down and lifting soils for easy cleaning with little residue. No more sticky surfaces!

You’ll get equally impressive results as a glass cleaner, neutral floor cleaner, restroom cleaner, carpet spotter, carpet cleaner, tile and grout renovated and much more.

Interested in learning more? Ask us for a demo on grout, carpet and glass! Contact us today to schedule or click here to order H2Orange2 online!