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Greener Spring Cleaning with EnvirOx

Spring cleaning isn’t just an opportunity for dusting off the dullness of winter and freshening your space – when you choose green cleaning products, it’s also an opportunity to improve the health of your team and cut costs while getting better results.

Green Spring Cleaning for Health

Cleaning for health has become a renewed priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that your janitorial team is the first line of defense against bacteria and germs, and thorough cleaning is the only way to remove contaminants that make us sick.

Choosing green cleaning products takes cleaning for health a step further. Our green cleaning solutions from EnvirOx reduce chemical exposure to better protect the health of your employees and customers. Exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals has been linked directly to a host of health issues, including asthma, allergies and even cancer. Choosing safer, greener alternatives reduces this risk and makes your facility safer and healthier for all.

Reducing Costs by Going Green

Green cleaning doesn’t just reduce health risks, it can also reduce costs. Approximately 6% of custodial workers make chemical-related claims every year, but choosing safer products significantly reduces this risk and the associated costs.

Harsh chemicals may clean well, but they also can cause wear and tear on surfaces. Choosing green products better protects your fixtures, carpets and other elements of your facility.

Another way to reduce costs is to choose products that are concentrated to deliver a high yield. H2Orange2 Sanitizer/Virucide Cleaner from EnvirOx is one product with two dilutions that can take care of 95% of your general cleaning needs.

Combining hydrogen peroxide and cold-pressed Orange Oil, this premium original formula is an incredible multi-taster: it effectively cleans, deodorizes, degreases and sanitizes any water-safe surface. This allows you to get rid of many other, expensive and potentially harmful chemical solutions, freeing up room in your inventory space and your budget.

The safer, greener formula also reduces surface damage and the risks of staff injuries, saving you even more on costly repairs and workers’ compensation. The easy-to-use formula also reduces training time, saving you even more.

Best of all, the patented hydrogen peroxide technology penetrates deep for easy cleaning with little residue. Use it as a glass cleaner, restroom cleaner, carpet cleaner, neutral floor cleaner, carpet spotter or as a tile and grout renovated.

We’d love to show you this amazing product in action. Contact us today to schedule a free demo of H2Orange2 to see how it can make spring cleaning safer, more effective and less costly in your facility.