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ICE Carpet Extractor Combines Powerful Vacuuming and Maneuverability

The iE410 carpet extractor from ICE balances powerful vacuuming with chevron brush agitation and 100psi of solution pressure for the deepest carpet cleaning. We love it’s compact size, and it is built to last with a stainless quick-disconnect spray jets and a stainless steel vacuum shoe. The three-stage tangential vac motor leaves your carpet clean and dry, and it is easy to maneuver and transport thanks to the 10″ stair-climbing wheels.

Features include a large, efficient 10-gallon tank, 16″ wide cleaning path, 3-stage tangential vacuum motor, recovery tank window that makes monitoring the water level easy and easy-to-use fingertip controls.

Standard accessories include a hose bag, 3.5″ upholstery tool, 12″ two-jet stainless wand and 15′ solution and vacuum hose.

Prespray + Carpet Extraction

Regular vacuuming is an essential step to keeping your carpets clean, but deeper cleaning is needed to loosen any soils a vacuum can’t recover. Carpet extractors pull dirt from the fibers of your carpet to maintain a healthy, clean carpeted environment.

We recommend using a prespray to improve the effectiveness of your carpet extraction chemicals and avoid recoiling due to chemicals left behind in the carpet. Mix your extraction formula in a pump sprayer, spray your carpet and let the chemicals sit for five to ten minutes. Next, run clean water through your carpet extractor to flush it all back up. This will eliminate any extraction shampoo left behind on your carpet.

This step is important because most extraction formulas are alkaline. They work well to suspend soil, but they can also leave behind residue. Each time you clean your carpet, the alkaline can be reactivated, making resoiling more likely. It can also make your carpet dull and stiff. Prespraying prevents those effects.

Interested in learning more about carpet extraction or seeing an ICE carpet extractor in action? Schedule your free demo today!!