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Keep Carpet Cleaning on Your Winter To-Do List!

CarpetCareThe to-do list of a facility manager is always long, and many are tempted to make it a little shorter from December to March by cutting carpet cleaning. They reason that the task should be put on hold during the winter months due to snow and ice, but keeping carpet cleaning on your to-do list during the coldest season is important. Here’s why:

Cleaning Delivers Health Benefits

Unless your facility is in one of the warmest climates, you shut the windows around October and don’t crack them open again until April. This lack of fresh air creates a stuffy atmosphere and keeps allergens and pollutants trapped in soiled carpets, which can significantly affect your indoor air quality. Paying regular attention to your carpets in winter eliminates these allergens and keeps your facility healthier all season long.

Winter Cleaning Makes Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Ignoring your carpets all winter puts you in a terrible position come spring. As soil builds up in carpets, it becomes more difficult to remove, and spots will turn into stains if they are not dealt with in a timely fashion. Instead of creating a bigger headache for yourself come spring, make carpet cleaning a regular part of your winter routine.

Ignoring Carpets Increases Risk of Damages

Think of every bit of soil in your carpet as a tiny little dagger. When people walk on your carpets, every footstep plunges those daggers deeper and deeper into the carpet, creating tiny tears in each fiber. As winter drags on, accumulated soil can really damage your carpets and shorten its life expectancy. Making carpet cleaning part of your regular routine can reduce the risk of these damages and keep your floors looking great all season long.

Instead of ignoring your carpets all winter and paying for it in spring, contact the team at DP Supply, Inc. to learn more about our carpet cleaning supplies!