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O-Cedar Mops, Brooms and Brushes Deliver a Clean You Can Feel

No matter the size of your facility or the nature of your business, O-Cedar and DP Supply, Inc. have the right mops, brooms and brushes to make it shine. These products clean deeply and thoroughly, offering you and your employees and customers a satisfying clean that you can feel and trust.

O-Cedar Mops Make Life Easier, No Matter the Mess

Life is messy. O-Cedar has the right mops to tackle both small and big cleaning challenges, from microfiber cloth mops to durable loop-end options. Here are some of our favorites.

MaxiClean Shrinkless Loop-End Mop

Made from high quality, 4-ply launder able rayon/synthetic blend yard, these mops hide dirt and are color-coded to reduce cross-contamination. This eco-friendly option is made from US-manufactured yarn made of post-consumer waste and PET materials. Very absorbent and durable for any cleaning application! Click here to order online.

MaxiDust Loop-End Dust Mop

Made to fit any standard 5” dust-mop frame, this mop is made from virgin natural cotton yarn. 2-ply loop-end construction means you don’t have to worry about raveling or fraying, and the slip-on slot pocket makes securing the dust mop to the frame fast and easy. Click here to order online.

MaxiPlus Microfiber Dust Mop

Made from 100% microfiber, nothing tops the cleaning performance of these dust mops. The double sewn “lock stitch” edge delivers maximum durability, and these mops are highly launder able and dry quickly. They do a top job even without treatment and can be used and reused many times, making them a eco-friendly option. Click here to order online.

O-Cedar Brooms Tackle Cleaning in One Sweep

Whether you are cleaning indoors or out, O-Cedar dust pans and brooms help you sweep away messes easily. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Janitor Corn Broom

Need to tackle heavy debris inside and outside? This corn broom makes it possible. Made of a corn and yucca blend, this broom is durable, strong and features a 12” sweeping surface. Click here to order online.

Large Angle Broom with Flagged Bristles

This black broom features polypro flagged bristles for picking up debris easily. The fibers are washable, and the 11” sweeping surface makes clean-up easy. The 48” Firm-Grip black metal ribbed handle won’t crack, warp or splinter, delivering years of cleaning results. Click here to order online.

O-Cedar Brushes Make Smaller Cleaning Tasks a Breeze

Tackle cleaning challenges with ease with these O-Cedar brushes.

8 1/2” Utility Brush with Polypro Bristles

Get superior cleaning with this brush’s extra-firm crumpled bristle ends that hold water and solution better than any other brush. The plastic block won’t crack, warp or mildew, and the hanger hole makes for easy storage. Click here to order online.

Palmyra Deck Scrub Brush

Need to scrub rough surfaces? We love this deck scrub brush, made from natural hardwood block right here in the USA. Click here to shop online.

Interested in exploring all of our O-Cedar mops, brooms, brushes and more? Click here to view our entire inventory and order online.