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Overcoming Barriers to Green Cleaning in Danville with DP Supply, Inc.

Green cleaning supplies in Danville

What barriers have you faced in implementing a more environmentally-friendly cleaning program? The benefits of green cleaning are widely known, but questions about cost, training and effectiveness are less discussed. While these concerns are certainly valid, they should not be obstacles to implementing a greener, more sustainable cleaning process that is better for your bottom line, janitorial team and building occupants. At DP Supply Inc., we address these barriers to help any facility achieve greener cleaning processes. Here’s how:

Easy Access to Green Cleaning Products

Our online catalog is full of green cleaning products in Danville, and more are being developed by our manufacturer partners all the time. We carry a number of products with third-party certifications, including Green Seal.

Green Seal is one of the most trusted eco labels for cleaning products, and today more than 33,000 products meet their high standards for uncompromising safety, health and performance. To earn the coveted Green Seal, products must meet four key standards: preserving the climate, protecting human health, ensuring clean water and minimizing waste.

From hand soaps and all-purpose cleaners to floor care products and paper towels, we can connect you with the right green cleaning supplies for every task on your to-do list.

Green cleaning products in Danville

Affordable Green Cleaning Supplies in Danville

It’s true that generally, green cleaning supplies cost approximately the same or more than traditional cleaners, but you’ll see real savings in the long run by making the switch. Our certified green cleaners save time and money because green cleaning requires fewer products. Many green solutions can be used for multiple uses. EnvirOx H2Orange2 Concentrate, for example, is one product that can take care of 95% of your general cleaning needs. Instead of buying, storing and training on multiple products, H2Orange2 can be used for carpet and glass cleaning, restroom cleaning, grout restoration, hard floor care and more.

Effective Green Cleaning Supplies

Today’s certified green cleaners are held to high standards. For example, all Green Seal certified products must be performance tested before earning certification. When product directions are followed and training is complete, green cleaning products perform as well or better than their more traditional counterparts.

If you are interested in transitioning to a more eco-friendly cleaning program, don’t let perceived barriers stand in your way. We’re eager to work together to show you how our green cleaning supplies in Danville can help you create a safer, healthier, cleaner environment for your team and customers while reducing your impact on the planet. Contact us today to learn more!