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Prepping Your Office for Flu Season

The flu and common cold can take a major toll on employee productivity. When productivity slows, revenues decline because employees either aren’t doing their best work or need to take time off to recuperate. 

To keep your office healthy during the upcoming flu season, follow these tips: 

1. Talk About Flu Shots

The single best way to prevent getting the flu is by getting a flu shot. Encourage your employees to get one and consider listing nearby pharmacies that offer them on a breakroom bulletin board or in an email. 

2. Make it Easy to Keep Hands Clean

The other best way to avoid spreading flu germs is to wash your hands! Make it easy for your employees by keeping your restrooms stocked with hand soap and paper towels, and place hand sanitizers throughout your facility for those times when handwashing isn’t immediately possible. 

3. Talk About Germ Hot Spots 

Remind your employees about germ hot spots and talk to them about regularly cleaning and disinfecting their personal items at the office, like keyboards, staplers and even pens. While these items don’t need to be cleaned every day, if an employee has the flu, encourage him or her to wipe down these common items before sharing them. 

4. Avoid Cross Contamination with Color Coding

Use color-coded cleaning cloths to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. When you always use blue cloths for bathrooms and green ones to wipe down desks, you’ll know right away if you’ve made a mistake. 

5.  Clean and Disinfect Public Touch Points 

Like the hot spots you talked to your employees about, these are frequently-touched surfaces that can harbor germs. These more public objects need to be cleaned regularly, including light switches, hand rails, door knobs, telephones, elevator buttons and business machines. 

A healthy office doesn’t happen by accident. It is created intentionally by following these steps and using the highest quality cleaning supplies in Danville. Talk to our team today about how our supplies can help you create a healthy, happy office this flu season!