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Janitorial Supplies and Equipment, Foodservice Disposables and Much More | Give us a call today! +1-800-821-2389

The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the United States, and with flu season arriving, stopping germs and viruses in the workplace has never been more important. Luckily, we have two solutions that together provide the most complete disinfection possible — convenient Aktive Disinfectant Wipes and the Electro Spray Electrostatic Sprayer. When you have both in your janitor’s cart, you have the best defense against the spread of coronavirus and flu. 

Aktive Disinfectant Wipes Keep Germs at Bay 

Keeping your facility germ-free is your best shot for reducing the risk of transmission. Microorganisms thrive on frequently-touched surfaces like desktops, faucet handles, doorknobs, light switches, railings and breakroom tables. 

Aktive Disinfectant Wipes make it easy to keep germs away. This convenient solution is ideal for hard surfaces in offices, gyms, healthcare facilities and other spaces. 

The key to encouraging your team to use wipes frequently is to make them conveniently available. Place containers throughout your space in easy-to-reach areas like breakroom counters and workstations. 

Aktive Disinfectant Wipes quickly disinfect and clean surfaces and kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Call us today at 800-821-2389 to place your order! 

Sanitize the Easy Way with Electro Spray 

The Electro Spray Electrostatic Sprayer is the most efficient and effective way to disinfect. Static charges are applied to liquid disinfectant so it sprays a fine, even application that essentially “wraps” around surfaces. This sprayer allows you to use less disinfectant than regular sprayers, and it can be used with many of the EPA-approved disinfectants in our inventory. Best of all, it costs up to 8 times less than similar models, and it is trusted by major companies like American, United and Delta Airlines and Marriott Hotels. 

Both of these solutions are perfect for any space where people gather, including schools and daycares, gyms and yoga studios, churches, restaurants, salons and spas, healthcare facilities, retail spaces and more. 

To get the ultimate in disinfecting power for your facility, call us today at 800-821-2389 to place your Electro Spray order!