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What Kind of Floor Finish Should You Use?

One of the first features noticed by visitors to your building is the floors. With the exception of only the restrooms, the condition and overall look of your floors makes a greater impression than anything else. Our floor finishes help protect and extend the life of your floors, but choosing the right type is essential. Consider these factors when choosing floor finish:


Different floor types require different types of floor finish, and choosing one based on your specific floor is important for maximum performance.

Resilient surface floors include linoleum, VCT, LVT, sheet vinyl and other similar types. Hard surface floors are typically wood, tile, concrete, terrazzo, laminate or stone.

Desired Appearance

Different types of floor finishes produce different amounts of sheen or luster when light hits the floor surface. From matte to high gloss, we have options for every preference!

Matte floor finishes produce a very low sheen level with practically no light reflection.
Satin finishes produce a medium to low sheen.
Semi-gloss floor finishes are just reflective enough to be noticeable, producing a moderate amount of shine.
High gloss floor finishes reflect the most light and are therefore the shiniest.

Traffic Considerations

Any hard surface or resilient flooring can pose the risk of slip and fall accidents, but our Betco floor finishes create safer walking surfaces. All Betco finishes meet or exceed ASTM D 2047, the most recognized test method for slip resistance in the United States.

Wear and Tear

All floor finishes are prone to smudges, heel marks, scruffs and everyday wear and tear, but Betco finishes with Scruff Resistant Technology (SRT) reduce markings. This proprietary technology significantly reduces black heel marks and resists scratches, scruffs and dirt embedment.

Learn more about SRT in this video:


If you want to devote as little time as possible to maintenance, choose a floor finish that requires very little or no burnishing. These finishes may require burnishing as little as once a month and don’t drop in gloss as fast due to wear and tear.

Regular burnishing will help semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes keep their sheen without needing to scrub and redcoat or strip and refinish. Burnishing also helps finishes last against wear and tear and can create an overall cleaner appearance.

DP Supply, Inc. has many high-quality floor finishes in Danville for all floor types. To understand which is best for your floor, contact us today and we will recommend the best Betco floor finish for your needs!