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Your Top Floor Matting Questions, Answered

FloorMattingDanvilleProper floor matting is essential for any facility. The right kind of floor matting can safeguard your facility’s floors from debris, dirt, grime and salt, and other types of matting can protect your employees from fatigue and slip-and-fall accidents. In this blog post, we address two of the most common questions we receive about maintaining and cleaning floor matting. Read on to learn how our team of experts recommends caring for these very important elements of a clean and safe facility.

How often should I replace my floor matting system?

High-quality floor mats can last a decade with proper care, but there are signs that your floor matting will need to be replaced sooner:

– Wet footprints follow visitors throughout your facility.
– You need to order additional “wet floor” signs.
– Your janitorial staff spends too much time cleaning clumps of debris and dirt beyond your floor matting.
– Deep cleaning no longer restores your mats to a like-new appearance.
– Visitors frequently trip over wrinkles in your mats.
– Your floor has been damaged from moisture, salt or dirt.

How often should I clean my floor mats? What’s the best way to clean them?

How frequently you clean your floor matting system will depend on the type of weather you face, the amount of foot traffic in your facility and the type of matting product used. In general, we recommend vacuuming your floor mats every day using a commercial brush vacuum cleaner. Making this part of your daily routine will preserve the appearance, performance and longevity of the mat. Use hot water extraction for carpet matting once a week or monthly depending on weather and foot traffic, and remove them during the deep cleaning process if possible.

Entrance floor mats should be surface-cleaned as needed using a vacuum, dust mop or broom. Deeper cleaning should take place weekly or monthly. Lift the grilles to vacuum underneath and clean surface panels with a hot water extraction method or soapy solution.

If you notice these signs, it’s time to invest in a new floor matting system. Contact the team at DP Supply, Inc. today to learn more about our extensive inventory of floor mats in Danville!