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4 Floor Care Resolutions for the New Year

The new year is a great time to revamp your cleaning program and renew your focus on key areas, including your floors. The condition of your floors sends a strong message about the way you do business, and clean floors are essential for making a positive impression on customers, guests and employees. Make these four resolutions to keep your floors looking their best all year long!

1. Invest in Quality Floor Matting

Floor matting can make the difference between shining floors and dull, dangerous conditions. Stop debris and dirt in its tracks by installing scraper and wiper mats at entrances. The right mats can contain 85% of moisture, dust and dirt within the first 15 to 18 feet of your facility, keeping the rest of your floors safe, dry and looking great. Ask us about which M+Matting systems are best for your needs!

2. Choose Green Cleaning Products

When you resolve to choose green cleaning products, you are protecting the healthy of your employees, customers and guests while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. EnvirOx’s H2Orange2 is one of our favorite eco-friendly cleaning formulas because it can conquer up to 95% of your general cleaning needs. It works beautifully as a neutral floor cleaner, carpet spotter, carpet cleaner and even a tile and grout renovator. Click here to order yours from our online catalog.

3. Boost Productivity with ProTeam

If increasing productivity is on your list of resolutions this year, ProTeam’s backpack vacuums can help you reach your goals while saving time, resources and money.

ProTeam backpack vacs clean more than three times faster than commercial upright vacuums and 52% faster than dust mops! Efficiency is increased even more with cordless units. These models can save you up to 1.5 hours in a 4-hour cleaning shift, resulting in dramatic savings of time, energy and costs. Click here to learn more about how ProTeam backpack vacuums can increase your productivity this year.

4. Solve Your Floor Finish Problems

In 2022, resolve to apply and maintain floor finish like a pro! In this post, we outline solutions for some of the most common floor finish issues, including streaks, poor leveling, dull gloss and sticky finishes.

Choosing the right floor finish can help you avoid many of these problems. Betco’s full line of high-performing finishes are designed for a range of maintenance program and facility needs. We are happy to recommend the best options for your needs and budget. Just contact us today to learn more!