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When it comes to first impressions, restrooms have a greater impact than nearly any other space in your entire facility. No matter what industry you are in, the condition of your restrooms can make or break the experience a customer has. Clean restrooms foster more positive feelings about your business, and visitors equate restroom cleanliness with professionalism and organization. Keeping the area clean creates a powerful impression that can lead to repeat business and increased sales.

Restrooms should be cleaned at least once daily with the right janitorial supplies in Danville, and the process involves many different steps. To keep your janitorial staff on task and to prevent mistakes that could cost you business, consider creating a checklist that the staff can use as a guide throughout the process. This ensures that no dispenser is left unfilled or fixture left dirty, and you will never have to wonder what kind of impression clients are getting from your restroom.

You can use this checklist as a basic guide, and after adding your own specific tasks, print it out and laminate it. Your janitorial staff can mark it off with a dry erase marker each day to make sure all tasks are completed and your restroom is always shining.

Comprehensive Restroom Cleaning Checklist

_____ Put on personal protective gear.

_____ Block off the cleaning area or place “wet floor signs” where appropriate.

_____ Check and refill tissue, soap and paper towel dispensers as needed.

_____ Sweep the floor of debris.

_____ Mop the floor if necessary.

_____ Empty trash containers and fill with fresh liners.

_____ Clean mirrors.

_____ Clean sinks and disinfect fixtures.

_____ Clean and disinfect toilets.

_____ Spot clean walls and partitions.

_____ Carefully inspect the space visually, looking at vents, dispensers and fixtures that may require further attention.

_____ Store equipment.

One of these cards can be made for every space in your facility so every area makes a positive impression on clients. Our staff is happy to recommend steps and cleaning products in Illinois for each area of your building. To learn more about creating a cleaning program that makes a great first impression, contact us today!