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Antibacterial Wipes Available Now – Wipe Out Viruses and Bacteria

The coronavirus has made us rethink the ways we’ve always done things, from business meetings and family celebrations to how we get groceries, teach classes and even sit in our offices. We’ve all spent even more time than usual focusing on how to create the safest, cleanest spaces, and we keep coming back to two things: convenience and efficacy. The best cleaning solutions offer both, which is why we highly recommend stocking your office or facility with antibacterial wipes.

Kill 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria

Antibacterial wipes don’t just wipe germs away — they wipe them out.  These coronavirus cleaning essentials kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, making them one of the most effective ways to keep your facility cleaner and safer.

Benzethonium chloride serves as the active ingredient in Activ wipes, which penetrates and destroys any harmful pathogens that build upon high traffic surfaces. This is essential in today’s climate and helps reduce the chances of transmission of harmful micro-organisms without causing additional lung damage and breathing issues from the dispersion of toxic disinfectants through sprayers and foggers. It’s a safer way to clean, making them ideal for indoor areas where viruses and bacteria thrive.

Convenient, Easy Cleaning

Remember that the best cleaning solutions are both effective and convenient. Antibacterial wipes fit the bill. Anyone can use them on nearly any surface, and they don’t require any fancy mixing or measuring. Simply pull out a wipe from a conveniently-placed canister or container, wipe down a surface and wait for the solution to work its magic. In just minutes, with minimal effort, you can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. There’s nothing more convenient than that.

Strategically placing canisters or containers of wipes around your facility can allow everyone to help reduce the risk of transmission. Stock up on extra wipes to place in your breakroom, restrooms, conference rooms or throughout work spaces. Make them available for staff to wipe down their work stations during the day, and keep them near your front desk to quickly disinfect high-touchpoints.

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