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Janitorial Supplies and Equipment, Foodservice Disposables and Much More | Give us a call today! +1-800-821-2389

Don’t Let Your Facility Become the Next Hot Spot: Stock up on COVID cleaning supplies today

The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise across Illinois, underscoring again the role cleaning supplies can play in keeping your facility healthier and safer. DP Supply, Inc. provides all the janitorial supplies and tools you need to reduce transmission in your office, clinic, foodservice establishment, retail store or other facility. Stock up today on these and other products by calling us at 800-821-2389 or by ordering via our online catalog. 

Wipe Out Germs with Antibacterial Wipes 

These coronavirus cleaning essentials kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Benzethonium chloride is the active ingredient in Activ Wipes, which penetrates and destroys harmful illness-causing pathogens on surfaces like desks, door knobs, light switches, countertops and more. Their convenience makes them an ideal solution for easy disinfection: place canisters around your facility to empower employees to wipe down surfaces regularly. In just minutes, 99.9% of viruses and bacteria are killed. There’s nothing more convenient than that! 

Keep Your Hands Germ-Free

Gold Eagle Motor Force Hand Sanitizer Liquid reduces bacteria that can potentially cause disease. We love its refreshing scent and how gentle the formula is on our skin. Pair this hand sanitizer with touch-free dispensers to encourage hand hygiene and reduce the spread of infection in your facility. Touch-free dispensers can be placed in any high-traffic areas, including near entrances, workspaces, break rooms, and restrooms.

Sanitize the Easy Way with Electro Spray 

The Electro Spray Electrostatic Sprayer is the most efficient and effective way to disinfect your entire facility. This tool applies static charges to liquid disinfectant so it “wraps” completely around surfaces. This results in the most thorough disinfection possible, and the electrostatic sprayer can be used with an EPA-approved disinfectant in our inventory to combat coronavirus. To order your Electro Spray and get the ultimate in disinfecting power for your facility, contact us today at 800-821-2389.