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Cleaning and disinfecting have been at the top of mind for everyone since earlier this year, when the coronavirus first began spreading throughout the United States. In the last ten months, we’ve answered dozens of questions about which disinfectants are effective against the coronavirus, how to reduce transmission in offices and facilities, and which methods we recommend for keeping spaces cleaner, healthier and safer. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently-asked questions below to help you better understand how disinfection can combat the virus. 

Which disinfectants are effective against COVID-19? 

The Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of disinfectants that kill the novel coronavirus. You can check out the list here. 

Our RTU disinfectants and sanitizers from manufacturers like EnvirOx help reduce pathogens in your facility and are effective against coronavirus. These are ideal disinfectants and sanitizers for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels and other public spaces. 

Why are dwell times important? 

A disinfectant’s dwell (or contact) time is the amount of time a surface must remain wet with the solution before bacteria and viruses are killed. Different products have different dwell times, so always check your product labeling and follow instructions. While some product can take up to ten minutes to kill germs and bacteria, others work more quickly.

What’s the most effective way to disinfect a space? 

We highly recommend using an electrostatic sprayer, like Electro Spray, for the most effective and thorough application. This machine applies a static charge to liquid disinfectant so it essentially “wraps” around surfaces. This allows you to more completely disinfect every nook and cranny in your facility, using less chemicals and less time than traditional methods. 

Keeping disinfectant wipes on hand is another great way to reduce germs and transmission in your facility. We love Aktive Disinfectant Wipes because they kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria and can be conveniently placed in areas like workstations or break rooms. 

Which spaces can benefit most from an electrostatic sprayer? 

Electrostatic sprayers can make any facility cleaner and healthier, including schools, hospitals, healthcare centers, offices, foodservice spaces, gyms and more. If people are in your facility, an electrostatic sprayer should be too. 

Have more questions about disinfecting your space to reduce transmission of COVID-19? Our team is always here to address your concerns and recommend the best solutions for your needs. Give us a call today at 800-821-2389!