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Trash Can Liners Danville IllinoisYou’ve probably already heard of the “cheater paper” problem in which distributors dupe their customers into buying misleading rolls of paper towels and toilet tissue, but did you know the same problem is affecting customers buying trash liners in Danville, Illinois and elsewhere? That’s right – dishonest distributors are now selling “cheater” liners at lower prices in an effort to win over new accounts.

These products are not the weight, size or thickness they claim to be, but distributors try to pass them off to new customers like they are in an effort to make it seem like they are getting a great deal. The practice has unfortunately been around for a decade, but the threat of getting swindled has grown greater in the recent economic downturn.

Catching Cheater Trash Liners in Danville, Illinois

One of the best ways to determine if your trash liners are cheaters is to carefully read the packaging. Look for phrases like “market quality” and “nominal gauges.” If you see these terms, shop elsewhere to avoid getting duped.

Microns are used to measure high density trash liners. For example, a common size for a trash can liner is 16 micron. If you see an “N” or the word “nominal” after that gauge listing, it could indicate a difference of plus or minus ten percent on the gauge. That means you may be buying a can liner that is ten percent thinner or thicker than 16 microns, which makes a big difference. Also keep an eye out for words like “heavy” or “equivalent” next to the micron gauge number – they often are used to cheat buyers in the same way.

Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and when in doubt, shop only from reputable distributors who carry top industry brands. Since 1918, DP Supply, Inc. has had a reputation for treating our customers with honesty, integrity and respect. When you shop with us for trash can liners and other janitorial supplies, you know you are getting the best products at the best prices.