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Toilet Paper Dispensers Danville IllinoisSanitizing the exterior of your toilet tissue dispensers is probably the last thing on the minds of your cleaning staff, but it should become a priority. The surface is one of the most frequently-handled in a restroom, making it an ideal route for the transmission of microorganisms that can cause disease.

Contamination is a possibility anytime that one person leaves germs on a surface and another person touches it. Knowing that, think about how often your toilet paper dispensers are handled, then remember that up to half of the organisms on them transfer to the next person’s hand.

Toilet spray is another contamination threat that plays a role in the spread of infectious diseases. When you flush a toilet, it creates an aerosol production, like a person’s sneeze. And just like a sneeze, the spray sends microbes flying throughout the room. That’s why toilet tissue dispensers can have up to 150 times more bacteria on the surface than toilet seats, which are often wiped down or covered with paper before they are used.

Healthier Cleaning Practices for Toilet Paper Dispensers in Danville, Illinois

To limit the amount of germs on your toilet paper dispensers in Danville, Illinois, talk to your cleaning staff about wiping them down regularly with an antibacterial multipurpose cleaner. Keep your toilet tissue dispensers well-stocked to reduce the need for your visitors to handle them, or invest in touch-less toilet paper dispensers to eliminate the need to handle them entirely.

Making sanitizing toilet paper dispensers a part of your overall restroom cleaning program will reduce cross-contamination and help your clients and employees stay healthier. That’s one of our goals here at DP Supply, Inc. – to help make your facility as clean, safe and healthy as possible. To learn more about our touch-less toilet paper dispensers and other products that can help you reach those goals, give us a call today at 800-821-2389.