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Entrance Matting in Danville, Illinois Necessary for Safe Winter Walking

Entrance Matting

Ice can make the trek between parking lots and buildings treacherous during winter, and slips and falls are some of the most common injuries during the season. Even if you remove ice and snow from your sidewalks and parking lots regularly, it is impossible for your employees and customers to avoid slippery surfaces completely during winter, and floors can quickly become slick and dangerous as sludge melts off shoes. Follow these tips for walking during winter and making your facility safer to avoid accidents.

    • Always walk with caution during cold weather, and assume that dark, wet areas on pavement are icy and slippery.
    • Don’t wear shoes or boots with heels or smooth soles. Instead, opt for footwear that gives you traction on ice and snow. Boots made with neoprene or non-slip rubber are best, especially if they have grooved soles.
    • Avoid shortcuts through frozen areas or snow piles, as these can be hazardous. Stick to designated walkways whenever possible.
    • Keep your balance better by walking with your arms out slightly to the sides. Avoid putting your hands in your pockets because that decreases your balance and your center of gravity and makes it difficult to use them to break your fall should you start to slip.
    • Shuffle or take short steps when walking on slippery surfaces.
    • Safeguard your facility by putting entrance matting at all entrances. The right matting will clean shoes and boots of ice, snow and debris, ensuring that your floors stay clean and don’t become slippery.
    • If you do take a spill on the ice, try to fall on your side or another fleshy part of your body instead of your spine, wrists or knees.
    • Wearing a bulky, heavy coat won’t just keep you warm – it can also provide cushioning should you fall.

We carry a wide variety of floor matting in Danville, Illinois, that can keep your facility clean and safe all season long. To learn about our non-slip, anti-fatigue, wiper mattings and more, contact us today at (217) 442-0851.