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Back-to-School Restroom Cleaning Tips

Schools across the country are getting ready to (finally!) welcome back students. Cleaning processes will continue to play a big role in safety and comfort levels for parents, teachers and staff, and your restrooms can be a key to your school’s cleanliness. Follow these tips to make sure the school year gets off to a good, healthy start.

Promote Hand Hygiene

Encouraging hand hygiene is still essential, and making sure your students and staff have easy access to hand sanitizer and soaps is vital. Keeping your restroom well-stocked with these products and paper towels can help keep germs at bay.

Practice Regular Deep Cleaning

The condition of your restrooms sends a message about the overall cleanliness and health of your school. Perhaps more than any other area, your restrooms will be scrutinized, and users expect high standards to make them feel safe. If you haven’t already, prepare to step up your restroom routine by increasing cleaning frequency and focusing on more regular deep cleaning. Daytime cleaning is also important and sends a message that your custodial staff cares about restroom conditions and is keeping up with disinfecting and cleaning throughout the day.

Consider Going Touchless

Switching to touches dispensers and fixtures can reduce the spread of germs and move students and staff through restrooms more quickly. Reducing the number of surfaces touched by restroom users is a great way to keep germs at bay, so consider investing in touches faucets, toilets, paper dispensers and soap dispensers.

Ditch Dryers for Paper Towels

Once hailed as a convenient, hygienic solution, we now know air dryers can collect bacteria in your restroom and spread it onto newly-washed hands. According to Tork, nearly 70% of users surveyed prefer paper hand towels to air dryers, and 36% report feeling unsafe in restrooms with air dryers.

Our online catalog includes many paper towel options to help you make the switch. Here are some of our favorites:

Tork Advance Hand Towel Rolls

The perfect combo of performance, quality and strength, these hand towels are soft, strong and highly absorbent. Maximum absorbency means fewer towels used per hand dry, and long-lasting rolls minimize maintenance costs while maximizing service. Click here to order online.

Tork Premium Soft Xpress Multifold Towels

These 3-panel towels have superior strength, absorbency and appearance. Their QuickDry performance help reduce overall use and equal cost savings for you. Best of all, these towels contain a minimum of 50% recycled fiber and 40% post-consumer fibers, making them a greener choice for your school. Click here to order online.