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Your Backpack Vacuum FAQs, Answered

ProTeam backpack vacuums are essential tools for essential workers – making it easier to do your job without sacrificing quality or productivity. These innovative vacuums save time and money while improving cleaning, but their relative “newness” means we know a lot of our customers still have questions about them. Keep reading to learn the answers to some of our most-frequently-asked questions regarding backpack vacuums.

Are backpack vacuums more productive than upright vacuums?

Yes! According to ISSA, a backpack vac can clean a 10,000 sq. ft. Facility in just one hour. Cleaning the same space with a dual-motor upright vac can take about three hours. ProTeam backpack vacuums are 43% more efficient than commercial upright vacuums, improving both speed and effectiveness.

Which is more ergonomic – backpack or upright vacuums?

Upright vacs put uneven stress on your arms and shoulders. ProTeam backpack vacs reduce your risk for ergonomic injury because they put most of the weight of the vacuum on your hips. This lets your strong leg muscles carry the weight, resulting in a more ergonomic experience.

What kind of debris can ProTeam vacuums tackle?

The size of your wand will determine the types of objects that pass easily without getting stuck around the bend. A typical wand is 1.5 “ in diameter and can handle objects no larger than 1” in diameter. If you are cleaning large debris regularly, ask us about our vacuums for industrial or food service applications.

What are the advantages of cordless/battery-powered units?

ProTeam cordless/battery-powered units can go anywhere! You are no longer tethered by a cord. Instead, you’re free to move around office cubicles, classrooms, wide-open spaces and anywhere else you are cleaning. This enhanced mobility is particularly useful for navigating elevators, stairwells and even building occupants.

Interested in learning more about ProTeam backpack vacuums and how they can help you clean more efficiently? Contact DP Supply, Inc. today to schedule your free demo!