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Choosing the Right Trash Liners in Danville

No matter what type of facility you manage, selecting the right trash liners is key to handling both garbage and recyclables. The market is saturated with many options, but not all can liners will get the job done right.

Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right size trash liner in Danville is important. Your liners should be a few inches longer than your trash container’s height and about half its outer circumference.

Bags should not be heavier when full than employees can safely and easily remove. At full capacity, the weight of your bags should be less than 50 pounds. Bags that weigh more create safety issues for workers when they attempt to remove them from receptacles.

Pay Attention to Thickness

When selecting trash liners, it is also important to consider the liner’s thickness, or gauge. The type of waste you are collecting will determine the gauge necessary. For example, if you are collecting plastics, a 1.5 mil is likely appropriate for your needs. If you are collecting glass or food waste, a higher gauge is recommended. The greater thickness will stop waste from accidentally leaking into the trash container.

Our inventory of trash liners in Danville includes both high-density liners and low-density liners.

It may sound counterintuitive, but low-density trash liners are thicker, more flexible and highly resistant to tearing and puncturing. These are ideal liners for trash that includes cardboard, metal, wood or glass and irregular or sharp items.

High-density trash liners are not as puncture resistant and are thinner than low-density liners. They are ideal for use in offices or restrooms and areas where sharp trash won’t be deposited. They are also often used to collect recyclables.

Certain facilities, like food service operations and healthcare facilities, have special needs in terms of liners and waste receptacles. Hospitals, for example, must select receptacles that meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and fire codes. For these facilities, receptacles with lids that can be opened without touching are ideal. Red trash liners of a higher gauge are needed for the disposal of medical waste.

Capacity issues and durability are top concerns when shopping for trash liners for the food service industry. Liners must be heavy enough to eliminate the risk of tearing or leaking once the bag is removed from the receptacle, but liners should not be so large that they become difficult to lift.

For help choosing the ideal trash liners in Danville for your needs, contact our team today!