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3 Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Cleaning Crew

All facility managers want their teams to deliver the most efficient results consistently, but providing that level of service means creating the right environment for success. How can you make life easier for your cleaning crew? Follow these three tips!

Enable Productivity, Efficiency and Safety

Your objective as a facility manager is to foster a work environment where your team is empowered with the most effective cleaning procedures that safeguard their health. There are many opportunities to do this, from eliminating hazards in the workspace to providing the right cleaning tools, equipment and supplies.

Make your working environment conducive to productivity. This means paying attention to essentials like good ventilation and correct lighting. Allow your team to get the job done well by giving them an environment that doesn’t impede on their duties.

Provide ergonomic cleaning tools and equipment. We are happy to recommend the best floor cleaning equipment for your team, like ProTeam backpack vacuums. Cleaners physically feel better when using their lightweight ergonomic units, and employees who feel good are more likely to produce good results. In one hour of vacuuming and with similar energy use, backpack vacuums can cover over twice the area cleaned using uprights. This combination of enhanced comfort and productivity creates the ultimate cleaning experience.

Provide the right personal protective equipment (PPE): From masks and gloves to eye protection and the right apparel, providing PPE shows your employees you care about their health and well-being. Check out our inventory of safety supplies in our online catalog to stock up for your team.

Create Comprehensive Maintenance Schedules

Some facility maintenance tasks, like painting or masonry work, are downright messy. When these jobs aren’t properly scheduled, your cleaners can be under extra stress. Eliminate these issues by coordinating work with a comprehensive maintenance schedule. Notify your teams of projects well in advance so they can adjust plans accordingly, and track updates to keep everyone informed of progress.

Standardize Routine Processes

A productive custodial team knows which tasks need to be completed every day. Standardizing routine processes takes the guesswork out of tasks and streamlines work. Create clear, concise instructions for executing routine tasks and update them when necessary. These can serve as a practical guide for keeping your team informed, productive and safe.

Your custodial team, like all workers, will do best when they feel truly valued and see that you’ve removed as many potential obstacles as possible when it comes to doing the job well. By following these tips, you will be creating an environment where your crew can work with less stress.