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The Best Insecticides in Danville

Summer has arrived! While we welcome the warmer temps and extra sunshine, one thing we don’t love about the season is pests. Whether you have an influx of ants, wasps, hornets or other winged critters invading your facility, we have the right products to eliminate pests. Stock up today and follow these tips to manage pests at your facility this summer.

Eliminate Entry Points

Ants, hornets, wasps and other pests can come into your facility from any unsealed entry point. Take a careful look at your windows and door frames for cracks and check screens for tears. Unsealed vents are another common entry point. If you already notice pests in your facility, observe their movement in the early morning. You may be able to see their entry and exit points, which you can then seal off to stop re-entry.

Eliminate Food Sources

Common pests like wasps and ants love to feast on food discarded in garbage cans. They will even return to areas that once held food scraps even after they are removed in hopes of finding more. Make sure all of your waste is properly disposed of in containers with tight lids.

Choose the Right Insecticide

Whether they creep, crawl or fly, we have have a spray to control them! Our insecticides from Chase Products are VOC compliant and registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Since 1927, Chase has been providing products that stop pests dead in their tracks, including these:

Champion Sprayon Flying Insect Killer

Use this spray indoors or out to eliminate flying insects. Inside, spray it into cracks and crevices, behind sinks and cabinets and around drains and plumbing. Spray directly on crawling insects for best results outdoors. Use it on everything from deer flies and moths to gnats, houseflies, horseflies and even mosquitoes. This solution is also effective against crawling insects like centipedes, ants, grain mites, earwigs, roaches, spiders and sow bugs. Click here to order online.

Champion Sprayon FS+ Multi-Purpose Insecticide

This multi-purpose insecticide is perfect for foodservice facilities and can be used in both food and non-food areas. Kills flying and crawling insects, including wasps, wood-infesting beetles, ticks, termites, stored-product pests, spiders, silverfish, scorpions, houseflies, fleas, earwigs, crickets, cockroaches, centipedes, carpenter bees, carpenter ants and more. The injector tube makes it especially easy to use on cracks and crevices. Click here to order online.

Champion Sprayon Metered Insecticide

For passive pest control in large areas like dairies, manufacturing plants or barns, we recommend this highly concentrated formula. It controls flying insects in spaces up to 6,000 cubic feet and lasts 28 days when sprayed at 15-minute intervals. Effective at controlling flies, gnats, small flying moths and mosquitoes. Click here to order online.

Champion Sprayon Multi-Purpose Insect & Lice Killer

We love this formula because it protects against houseflies, ants, cockroaches and more for up to 12 weeks. The water-based, non-staining formula has a pleasant cedar scent. Click here to order online.

Champion Sprayon Wasp, Bee & Hornet Killer

Finally, if you’ve identified a wasp, bee or hornet nest, we recommend this solution for rapid knockdown and kill. It can reach nests up to 20’ above the ground, allowing you to handle pests at a safe distance. For best results, soak the nest with spray in the evening once insects have returned. Ideal for garages, farms, schools, decks, chimneys, walls, outdoor lighting, electric poles and telephone poles. Click here to order online.