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Janitorial Supplies and Equipment, Foodservice Disposables and Much More | Give us a call today! +1-800-821-2389

Coronavirus has thrown all of us a for a loop and changed the way we do everything from communicating to enjoying time with family and friends. We’ve learned how to Zoom, balanced working from home with distance learning, celebrated with “drive by” birthday parties and more. 

We’ve constantly been amazed at the creative, innovative solutions we’ve found to pandemic problems, but sometimes the best answers are the simplest. 

That’s why we love WipesPlus’s Disinfectant Surface Wipes so much — they provide simple, effective disinfecting power that helps reduce the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens. 

These wipes are perfect for any hard surface that needs to be regularly cleaned and freed of bacteria, harmful germs, dirt and grime. Use them wherever your staff, customers, guests, visitors or the public convene. 

Lint-free and highly absorbent, WipesPlus Disinfecting Surface Wipes are safe to use on plastics, laminates, metals, rubber surfaces and Plexiglas screens thanks to their water-based formula. 

We love the convenience of the plastic pouches and recommend stocking them in areas like: 

  • Hospitals, medical and dental offices and ambulatory care centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Day care centers
  • Schools and universities – place one pouch in each classroom for easy cleaning! 
  • Fitness centers and spas
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Grocery stores – these are very handy for wiping down carts between customers.
  • Food processing facilities
  • Commercial spaces
  • Buildings and offices 

We know that cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas is one of the most important steps for reducing the spread of coronavirus, and that making cleaning supplies easily accessible is one of the best ways to increase cleanliness. Place a pouch of these wipes wherever people gather or use common objects in your facility. Disinfecting is as simple as opening the pouch and grabbing a wipe, and it could mean the difference between positive cases in your facility and protecting your employee’s health. 

WipesPlus Disinfecting Surface Wipes are in stock and ready to ship at DP Supply, Inc. To place your order, please give us a call at 800-821-2389!