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Hand hygiene is the first line of defense when it comes to stopping the spread of infection. Our hands are a critical vector for transmitting the coronavirus, flu and other pathogens, and when we fail to wash or sanitize them properly, we put ourselves and others at risk. 

Practicing good hand hygiene is one of the simplest ways to reduce the spread of the virus and protect yourself during the pandemic and the upcoming flu season. Hand sanitizer is an important part of hygiene when soap and water aren’t available. 

There are two components to effective hand sanitizing hygiene, and DP Supply, Inc. has them both: a great formula and dispensers that make sanitizing easy and convenient! 

Gold Eagle Motor Force Hand Sanitizer Liquid 

This hand sanitizer helps reduce bacteria that can potentially cause disease and meets all WHO and FDA standards. We love the refreshing scent and that the formula is soft on skin. 

To use, simply apply the hand sanitizer liquid to the palm of one hand and rub it all over the surfaces of both hands until they are dry. Don’t forget your finger tips, knuckles and the backs of your hands! 

Touch-Free Dispensers for Convenient Use 

Strategically placing our touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers can encourage hand hygiene and reduce the spread of infection in your facility. So where is the best place to install your dispensers? 

Focus on high-traffic areas — places where lots of meetings are scheduled, public spaces, conference rooms and break rooms. The areas of your facility that see the most traffic depend on how people use your space. In hospitals, for example, dispensers could be placed in patient rooms, near nurse’s stations and check-in desks and in hallways just outside of patient rooms. In grocery stores, make Motor Force Hand Sanitizer Liquid readily available by placing dispensers directly next to the carts as customers walk in. 

Restrooms: In 2016, a survey conducted by Bradley Corp. of over 1,000 adults found that nearly 70% of respondents skipped soap and just rinsed their hands with water after using the restroom. That pre-coronavirus number has likely gone down during the pandemic (at least we hope so!), but it shows the importance of placing hand sanitizer dispensers in your restrooms. While washing with soap and water is still best, providing a backup hand hygiene solution for employees who are in a rush is a good idea. 

Exits and entrances: Door knobs can quickly cause widespread illness in any facility. They may be touched by a huge percentage of your visitors and workers within hours, making entrances and exits a prime place to install hand sanitizer dispensers to limit the spread of infection. 

Employee desks: People touch computer mice, keyboards, phones and desks so often during the workday, but they also may eat, drink, sneeze and cough at their desks. This makes employee workspaces a hotspot for germ transmission. Install hand sanitizer dispensers near desks to make hand hygiene convenient and easy. 

Retail counters: Hundreds of species of microorganisms can live on a single dollar bill. Keep hand sanitizer within reach of transaction areas like check-out counters to remind people to practice good hygiene after handling money or card reading machines. 

Hand sanitizer can only improve the health of your visitors and employees if they use it. Following these placement tips can help encourage hand hygiene and make it more convenient, leading to more compliance and less transmission in your facility. Make hand hygiene a priority in your space by calling us today at 1-800-821-2389 to place your order for Motor Force Hand Sanitizing Liquid and touch-free dispensers!