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Floor Matting is Your Best Defense Against Winter

Floor care is one of the most expensive, laborious and time-consuming tasks in any facility. During winter, floor care becomes even more labor intensive when trying to protect your floors from winter-specific soils. Our preventive floor matting systems help keep your floors looking their best all season long.

Winter Floor Care Challenges

Winter-specific soils have the potential to dull and damage your floors. They can also pose safety risks for people throughout your facility.

Rock salt and ice melt can create slip and fall dangers and also damage the finish of your floors.

Increased foot traffic as more people tend to stay indoors can increase wear and tear on your floors

Sand and grit can easily collect in crevices and cracks, scratching and dulling floors.

Heavy boots and winter shoes damage floors and mar finishes by pounding grit, soils, sand and ice melt into floor surfaces.

Preventive Floor Matting Systems Combat Winter Soils

Our preventive floor matting systems in Danville protect your floors from these elements, reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents and can make floor care easier and more effective throughout the winter months and beyond.

Floor matting systems reduce the amount of moisture, soil and other contaminants from entering your building. According to an ISSA study, if 1,000 people enter a facility without mats each day for 20 days, they can track in an astonishing 24 pounds of soil. Removing the soil is expensive: it can cost $600 to remove just one pound of soil. In that 20-day period, that would total $14,400!

Floor mats also capture dirt and debris and prevent it from spreading throughout your building. This means less vacuuming, mopping, dusting and grout cleaning for your team. We recommend installing entrance matting of no less than six feet to remove 40% of soil. 12 feet of matting can remove 80% of soil, and 36 feet can remove 99%! Capturing debris and dirt at the entrance can be far less expensive than removing it from the rest of your facility.

In addition to these benefits, floor matting also protects against dangerous slip and fall accidents, adds to the overall aesthetic of your building and enhances customer perceptions by showing your dedication to creating a clean, safe and healthy building.

Choosing the Best Floor Matting System

We provide different types of mats to create the best floor matting systems in Danville.

Coarse scraper mats capture moisture and larger dirt particles when placed directly outside of entryways.
Wiper/scraper mats are the next line of defense and are placed directly inside entryways.
Interior wiper mats follow to remove any remaining moisture and dirt and are the final line of defense.

Together with our partner M+A Matting, we can save you money and time while keeping your building safer, cleaner and more comfortable throughout winter and beyond! Click here to explore our floor matting and contact us today for expert tips on designing the right system for your facility.