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Betco floor cleanerEliminating odors from floors can be a challenge, especially if you manage a food service facility. Many cleaning products can mask the smell, but these don’t have a long-lasting effect. To really tackle odors and eliminate them, you need something more powerful.

The best floor odor removal products are made with bio-enzymes, compounds that destroy the bacteria that causes odors instead of just masking the smell. When the bio-enzymes meet bacteria, they convert it to water and carbon dioxide, completely eliminating the source of the stench.

Bio-enzymes work wonders against organic sources of odor, including foods, beverages and even urine and vomit. Because the digesters in the bio-enzymes break down the source, they destroy the odor and ensure it does not return.

The oxygen and hydrogen left behind by the bio-enzymes will evaporate, and adding fresh air to the mix helps speed up the process.

For extra-tough odors, we recommend Betco Green Earth No Rinse Floor Cleaner. Formulated with bio-active enzymes, the cleaner easily digests complex proteins, fats and starches to eliminate odors, and it can even tackle grease and oil that smell as they decay. Best of all, the green product does not contain any ETDA, phosphorous, NPE or APE and meets all of today’s health, environmental and safety standards. Easy to use and exceptionally powerful, it can tackle any stench and leave your facility looking and smelling clean and fresh.

When it comes to tackling odors with bio-enzyme floor cleaners, Illinois facility managers know they can rely on our products. To learn more about Betco Green Earth No Rinse Floor Cleaner and other odor-busting floor cleaning supplies in Illinois, contact our team today at 800-821-2389.