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Four Reasons to Embrace Restroom Automation

Restrooms are small spaces, but they can have a big impact on your facility. They have a significant affect on the way building occupants perceive overall cleanliness, can be hotbeds of bacteria and viruses and often prompt the highest number of complaints.

For these reasons, restroom care often takes the top spot when it comes to facility management priorities and cleaning. Recently, automation has gained a central focus in discussions about how to improve restrooms. Here are four reasons why every facility manager should embrace restroom automation in 2023:

Creating More Positive Impressions

Restroom automation can seriously boost the perception of entire facility. According to a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll, nearly 60% of US adults believe that the presence of touch-free hand hygiene dispensers would increase their overall perception of cleanliness.

These results matter because people are likely to choose businesses with well-maintained, clean restrooms, and many people are unlikely to return to a business following a bad restroom experience.

Restrooms that feature touchless dispensers and other accessories create positive perceptions that earn customer loyalty and repeat business. This is more important now than ever before, as the pandemic has highlighted the relationship between personal safety and health and environmental cleanliness.

Restroom Automation Prevents Infection

Nearly 80% of germs that cause illnesses are spread by hands. This is particularly worrisome in restrooms, where hands frequently come into contact with germs and are transferred to environmental surfaces that can become hotbeds of contamination. Increasing restroom automation with touchless fixtures decreases touch points and opportunities for germs to spread.

Restroom Automation is Cost-Effective

Touchless systems decrease costs and waste because they are programmed to only dispense a standard amount of product at a time. This generally leads to an overall reduction in product used.


For example, our Clario Touch-Free Foam Dispensers from Betco prevent the double (or even triple!) pump that has become common when using manual dispensers by releasing only the exact amount of hand soap required. Using foaming products stretches your savings even further, as foam lasts approximately twice as long!

The Clario Touch-Free Dispensing System allows you to save money while creating the cleanest, safest space possible. Sanitary, factor-sealed refill bags eliminate cross-contamination, and the industry-leading 98% “no-waste” evacuation means more usable product per bag. Click here to learn more!

Restroom Automation Increases Efficiency

Touch-free fixtures make restrooms more efficient for both visitors and your maintenance and cleaning teams.

Fewer touch points mean fewer points for staff to disinfect, precise portioning means less time spent on refilling, and restrooms that are perceived as clean are more likely to be respected by visitors.

With advantages like these, it is not surprising that touch-free restroom fixtures are becoming more and more popular. We’d love to discuss how your facility can leverage Betco’s Clario dispensers and other products to improve restroom experiences. Contact us today to learn more!