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The 3 Ps of Maintaining Food Delivery Quality

Takeout and delivery food orders have skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic, and it is expected to grow from an astounding $35 billion to $365 billion by 2030. While eating at home is convenient for customers, it does present challenges for restaurants tasked with maintaining food quality from the second it leaves the kitchen until the first bite is taken.

Using containers specifically designed to meet these challenges is key to preserving food quality. Look for these features when selecting containers for food delivery and takeout:

Food Containers that Perform

Nearly 60% of consumers feel that packaging makes a significant impact in the quality of takeout food. Optimal packaging will keep hot food hot, cold food cold and ensure that the meal retains the texture and taste a customer would expect when dining in the restaurant.

Each item on your menu should be paired with a container designed to keep it at temperature. If you are serving up hot foods, we recommend choosing microwavable containers as an added safeguard for your customers should delivery take a bit longer than expected.

Vented lids are essential for keeping fried foods crispy and delicious. The vents help steam escape while keeping the food’s texture intact. No one wants soggy fries!

Many customers are turning to delivery and takeout even for special occasions. Help elevate the meal by choosing containers with a more upscale appearance, like those with modern black bases or crystal-clear lids.

Food Containers that Preserve

Freshness is everything when it comes to food delivery. It is also the most difficult challenge to overcome. Choose sturdy containers that preserve freshness during the delivery process while also preventing spills and leaks.

If you are serving up full meals, consider using containers with multiple compartments to separate sides, entrees, sauces and other elements. Keeping each bit separate until serving helps maintain the texture of your items.

Lastly, help your delivery people preserve food perfectly by choosing containers with stacking platforms. This little edge creates more stability and security for food as it goes from the kitchen to the delivery vehicle to your customers’ homes.

Food Containers that Protect

The vast majority of customers want their food delivered in tamper-resistant, tamper-evident containers. Using these types of foodservice disposables protects your restaurant’s reputation while boosting customer confidence.

If you are already using containers you love, simply add a tamper-evident label so customers can see that their food hasn’t been touched since it was boxed up in your kitchen.

Whether you are venturing into the world of takeout for the first time or seeking to improve your delivery services, the right packaging can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining the quality of your food and satisfying your customers. To learn more about our foodservice disposables that are perfect for delivery, visit our online catalog to find the best options for your menu!