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New Backpack Vacs in Danville! ProTeam’s GoFit Series Gives You More

The ProTeam GoFit Series of backpack vacs in Danville were designed with one person in mind: you!

Yes, you – the end-user. That’s why this ultimate cleaning tool includes unique features like a quick-release 4-Step Quick-Adjust articulating harness system, ProLevel Filtration system, three-unit sizes and cord management made easy.

We are excited to now offer these innovative backpack vacuums in Danville! Keep reading to learn more about how GoFit can boost productivity and efficiency in your facility, and contact us today to schedule your free in-person demo.

GoFit Backpack Vacuums Give You More

These reimagined, reshaped, remarkable backpack vacuums maximize comfort and productivity.

  • Easy to navigate with a reduced profile
  • Easy cord management
  • Ergonomic design to fit a wide range of users
  • Reimagined articulating harness for optimal comfort
  • 4 levels of filtration
  • Customizable fit with no tools required

Small But Mighty

The ProTeam 3-qt backpack vacuum is the smallest in the series, but it doesn’t sacrifice power or efficiency! This unit is perfect for folks with smaller frames or those who need to clean in tight spaces.

The GoFit series is also available in 6-qt, 6-qt Plus and 10-qt versions, allowing you to choose the unit size that best fits your comfort and cleaning needs.

ProTeam GoFit backpack vacuum in Danville being used to clean carpet in educational facility

The Perfect Fit for Every Body

Inspired by top-rated backpacks used by hikers all over the world, the new Quick-Adjust harness requires no tools to get the perfect fit. Engineered for ease and efficiency, this system allows you to adjust the upper harness height simply by pulling a tab to release the locking feature, then sliding the harness along the Quick-Adjust track. The harness should sit comfortably between your shoulder blades.

Next, position the waist belt and tighten the belts to concentrate the unit’s weight on your hips, not your shoulders. Adjust the shoulder straps to get the right fit, then buckle the sternum strap and you are ready to go!

GoFit delivers increased levels of comfort thanks to thicker padding, an articulating upper harness that responds to your movement and a mix of open and closed weave fabric that allows for better airflow and increased breathability.

Easy-to-Manage Filtration

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, and GoFit’s advanced filtration system captures and contains soil and harmful particles, preventing them from being reintroduced into the environment. The filters are easier than ever before to access and manage on the GoFit series of backpack vacuums.

Improved filter door: The easy-press button latch on the exhaust filter door reduces the unit’s profile and simplifies access to HEPA Media Filters

Quick filter access: The hinged lid opens effortlessly with a single, die-cast, quick-release latch

ProLevel filtration system: Reduce asthma triggers and allergens with four levels of filters

Powerfully Efficient

ProTeam’s backpack vacuums are three times faster than upright vacuums, and they remove 30% more soil than canister vacuums.

Consider this:

In one hour, you can clean 2,875 sq ft with an upright vacuum.
In one hour, you can clean 7,407 sq ft with a ProTeam backpack!

The advanced filtration in all ProTeam backpack vacuums also means it takes longer for dust to reappear. Dust can resettle just 24 hours after dust mopping, but it takes 72 hours to reappear following cleaning with a ProTeam backpack vacuum.

Interested in learning more about ProTeam’s GoFit backpack vacuums? Stop by DP Supply, Inc. today or contact us for a free in-person demo! You’ll see and feel the difference right away!