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Greener Spring Cleaning Supplies in Danville: Spotlight on Betco’s Green Earth

Betco’s commitment to sustainability has a long legacy, dating back to the creation of the Green Earth brand in 1990. Since then, Green Earth has become a symbol of more environmentally-responsible cleaning that is safer for both the user and the planet. Today, we encourage you to consider making Green Earth products part of your spring cleaning plan! These products perform equal to or better than conventional products with a reduced impact on the environment. Take a look at some of our favorite Green Earth cleaning supplies in Danville below, and contact us today with any questions or to place your order.

Our Green Spring Cleaning Supplies in Danville

Betco’s Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner cleans restrooms, glass, floors and even carpet and effectively removes grease and oil, mold stains and soap scum.

Like all Green Earth products, this peroxide cleaner is lab-tested to confirm it performs equal to or better than conventional products. As you can see below, Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner removed 90% of grease in one pass and 80% of soap scum without using an aggressive brush in testing. These measurements were confirmed with a light reflectance meter and are a testament to the power of green cleaning! As a facilities supervisor from a large Big Ten University confirmed, “The Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner allowed us to maintain healthy facilities while being safe, which is pretty much my only goal.”

Green cleaning supplies in Danville test results

To learn more about Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner or to order online, click here.

For green floor cleaning, we recommend Betco’s Green Earth Daily Floor Cleaner.  This neutral pH low-foaming floor cleaner is perfect for mopping or auto scrubbing finished floors and can be used daily to maintain shiny floors. It cleans floors thoroughly without attacking floor finish and is both Green Seal and UL EcoLogo Certified. Click here to learn more about Green Earth Floor Cleaner or to order online.

For degreasing, we recommend Green Earth Velocity. This neutral non-butyl degreaser removes inks, oils and greases and can be used daily on any water-washable surface. As effective as highly caustic butyl degreasers, this formula is UL EcoLogo Certified to be better for the environment and removes black heel marks without damaging rubber surfaces. Click here to learn more or order online.

Betco’s greener options extend to hand hygiene as well. Green Earth Foaming Skin Cleanser won’t cause dryness or skin irritation, making it the ideal sustainable option for encouraging frequent hand washing. This formula contains no additives, colors or fragrances and is UL EcoLogo and Green Seal Certified. Click here to learn more or to order online.

Green Certifications, Explained

All Betco sustainable products are either Green Earth or third-party certified.

UL EcoLogo Certifications are are voluntary, multi-attribute, lifecycle based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing, exhaustive auditing, or both, to prove its compliance with stringent, third-party, environmental performance standards.

Green Seal develops standards that clearly define sustainability leadership for products, cleaning services, hotels, and restaurants. Each standard has been developed following a science-based approach and an open, transparent stakeholder consensus-based process.

Green Earth products must meet or exceed traditional products. This performance is verified by third-party lab testing or testing designed and performed in Betco laboratories. Green Earth products must also meet the most strict environmental standards, from low VOC emission to readily biodegradable products, and they must be safe for the user. This means they must be non-toxic, non-flammable and formulated without suspected reproductive toxins, mutagens or carcinogens.

We are proud to help our customers choose greener cleaning supplies in Danville and the surrounding areas. To learn more, or for more recommendations based on your specific application, please don’t hesitate to contact DP Supply, Inc. today!