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Take It Outside: Spring Cleaning for Your Building’s Exterior

As the weather gets milder and the days get longer, you may feel that spring cleaning urge to spruce up the interior of your facility. However, it’s also a great time to take a look at the areas outside your building that may have been neglected during the winter months. Spring presents an ideal opportunity to inspect and clean outdoor areas that have been ignored during the colder months, and doing so can have many benefits. Not only will your building’s exterior look more attractive, but a deep spring cleaning and regular maintenance routine can also help to ensure that these areas and items work better and last longer, ultimately saving your organization time and money. Here are some tasks to include on your spring cleaning to-do list to keep the exterior of your building looking its best.

Condition Your Air Conditioners

Servicing your AC units now means that they will be in tip-top shape when temperatures do start to rise. Units that haven’t been used for months can get pretty dirty, and the buildup of debris and grime can impact performance, leading to increased energy usage. Remove grime to keep your unit functioning at its best and to extend its lifespan.

Neutralize Ice Melt Residue

Ice melt and road salt can leave behind a hazy white residue on everything from floors to your utility vehicles. Give both a thorough cleaning this spring to remove ice melt residue.

We love Betco’s pHerfect Floor Neutralizer & Cleaner because it allows you to neutralize and clean in one simple step. It’s perfect for conditioning floors after stripping and before coating, and it leaves no residue behind. Formulated with neutralizing agents and surfactant to both penetrate and clean tough soils and neutralize common ice melt ingredients, this is our go-to solution for eliminating residue.

Refresh Your Entrance Mats

Floor matting can catch as much as 80% of moisture and soil from foot traffic before it enters your building. If your mats have taken a winter beating, refresh them with a deep cleaning for spring. Vacuum off dry dirt, then flip your entrance mats over and vacuum again to get rid of any loose soil. The neutralizing solutions mentioned above can get rid of crusty salt stains and ice melt debris. Dry your mats thoroughly before placing them outside your facility again.

Clean Your Walkways

Pathways and sidewalks are one of the first things people notice about a facility. Make a great impression this spring by giving yours a good cleaning! Nyco’s Blaze 5T Foaming Degreaser is a powerful solution that can be used with a pressure washer on concrete to remove damaging salt residue left over from the winter months.

Let the Spring Sunshine In

Wipe winter away by giving your windows a good cleaning this spring. Clean, streak-free windows create a strong positive impression while brightening up your facility. We offer a number of effective glass and window cleaners in our online catalog, including Betco’s Clear Image Glass Cleaner, Nyco Clear View Glass and Mirror Cleaner  and Nyco Qwiks Glass Cleaner Concentrate.

Being proactive in tackling these areas during spring will help keep your facility looking its best year-round while saving you money and time. Having the right cleaning supplies in Danville will help you get through these tasks quickly so you can get out and enjoy spring.