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Since 1983, ProTeam has designed and manufactured some of the most efficient, comfortable and powerful backpack and upright vacuums on the market. Today, we are proud to offer many ProTeam units in our inventory and highly recommend them for any industry. If you want to save time, money and resources while getting your space clean and improving indoor air quality, these units are for you!

Best of all, if you purchase an upright or backpack vacuum from DP Supply, Inc., you’ll receive a FREE pack of vac bags! Just use code FREEBAG when you place your order between 8/22/19 and 9/30/19.

ProForce 1500XP Upright Vacuum

The ProForce 1500XP upright vacuum from ProTeam improves reach, soil removal and durability to provide exceptional cleaning.

Features include:

– Powerful suction: The high-performance dual motor system maintains power to both the suction motor and the brush roller.

– 15” cleaning path: Move this upright vac effortlessly across both hard floors and carpets without losing suction thanks to the large rubberized wheels.

– Above the floor cleaning: Use the cleaning wand and ultra-flexible hose to clean up to seven feet above floors.

– Long 50-foot cord: The extra-long power cord lets you clean spacious areas without annoying plugging and re-plugging.

– Lighted display: Easily be alerted when the filter is full, the brush roller is on or the brush roll is jammed.

– Innovative design: The L-shaped head is ideal for vacuuming around and under furniture.

Super QuarterVac 6 qt. Backpack Vacuum

This productivity powerhouse can take on the greatest cleaning challenges in a small frame that perfectly fits any space or worker size. A powerful backpack vacuum, the Super Quarter Vac is perfect for healthcare facilities, offices, schools and any large space that requires extreme suction and power.

Features include:

– High performance: Trap more dust with less time thanks to the Four Level Filtration trap and high-powered motor.

– Increased productivity: This backpack vac allows you to clean larger areas in less time and with less operator fatigue.

– Versatility: The Super Quarter Vac is sized for any cleaning professional.

– Ergonomic design: The vacuum sits ergonomically and comfortable across the hips thanks to mountaineering-style backpack technology.

Super Coach Pro 6 Backpack Vacuum

Don’t be fooled by the small, compact size of the Super Coach Pro 6 commercial backpack vacuum. This unit’s power is unsurpassed and packaged in a new, ergonomically enhanced frame. The smaller footprint means it is easier to use in tight spaces.

Features include:

– Enhanced productivity: Clean hard surfaces and carpets without stirring up dust.

– Stay cooler on the job: Heat dissipates through the open weave harness, keeping you cool.

– Increased safety: The unit’s triangular shape conforms to the user’s back, creating a closer fit that reduces accidental contact with doorways and walls.

– Increased freedom: The FlexFit harness responds to the motion of the user’s hips, back and shoulders, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort.

If you want to experience the increased productivity, efficiency and comfort a ProTeam vacuum can offer, give us a call here at DP Supply, Inc.  at +1-800-821-2389 to schedule your FREE demo today.