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When it comes to green cleaning supplies, nothing tops Envirox. To them, green cleaning isn’t just a product line — it’s their whole mission. Headquartered right here in Danville, Envirox provides products that are healthier and safer for people and the environment that let custodians do their important work well without sacrificing their health.

This mission affects every aspect of their products — they carry a range of third-party green certifications or EPA registrations, use packaging made from post-consumer material whenever possible and combine biodegradable and plant-derived ingredients with proprietary technology to deliver safe, effective products. Here are some of our favorite Envirox cleaning supplies in Danville:

H2Orange2 Concentrate

One product for 95% of general cleaning

This premium original formula combines hydrogen peroxide with cold-pressed orange oil to clean, degrease, sanitize and deodorize any water-safe surface. This single product can replace many in your janitorial closet — use it as a glass cleaner, tile and grout renovator, stainless steel polish and cleaner, deodorizer, neutral floor cleaner, food degreaser, restroom cleaner, carpet cleaner and carpet spotter!

Mineral Shock

A safer alternative to strong acid-based cleaners

This highly effective hard water, soap scum and mineral deposit remover gets the job done without high toxicity or harsh fumes. Mineral Shock is formulated with an acid-replacement technology consisting of safe degreasing agents and a low pH organic salt. Use it to clean rust, hard water scale, lime, soap scum and urine salts on water fountains, sinks, fiberglass, showers, glass, tubs, porcelain, tubs, terrazzo, toilets, urinals, stainless steel, tile and grout, brass, concrete, copper and aluminum.

Industrial Degreaser

Heavy-duty degreasing without environmental and safety hazards

This powerful degreaser puts traditional solvents to shame and contains no butyl, trichloroethane or other harsh ingredients. Use it for any degreasing task on car or bus exteriors, carpets, cement sidewalks, manufacturing equipment, hard floors, carpets and desks or whiteboards. You’ll find no residue build-up, and it is safe to use on any water-safe surface.

E2B2 Dispensing Platform

Simplicity, savings and amazing results

This dispensing system delivers simplicity, savings and amazing results with a complete line of Envirox cleaning products. Use it for 95% of your cleaning needs! The system delivers one product at two dilutions and features easy bottle loading, high- and low-flow dispensing for bottles, auto-scrubbers and buckets and a small footprint.

Want to check out the E2B2 Dispensing Platform for yourself or learn more about Envirox products? Give us a call today at +1-800-821-2389 to schedule your FREE demo!