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Restroom Cleaning Supplies & Tips for Making a Great First Impression

The cleanliness and appearance of your restrooms make a greater impression on guests than any other space in your facility. Make sure the impression you are leaving is one of professionalism by following these tips to make your restrooms extra clean!

1. Eliminate Odors

Even the most spotless restrooms seem grimy if offensive odors meet visitors’ noses upon entry. Instruct your cleaning staff to use the proper restroom cleaning chemicals to eliminate various odor-causing soils. If cleaning is done properly, when visitors enter, they shouldn’t notice a smell at all. That means thoroughly eliminating odors instead of just masking them with air fresheners or artificial scents.

2. Make Sure Grout Lines are Clean

A just-mopped floor will still look dirty if the grout lines are stained. To keep yours a pure, shining white, scrub grout frequently using a bleach-based solution or disinfectant.

3. Cover All Your Bases by Rotating Chemicals

Grout and ceramic tile are porous materials, which mean that they can absorb odor-causing soils. To eliminate odors completely, rotate your arsenal of cleaning chemicals to address both regular soils and urine. Using both solutions at once can present a hazard to your cleaning staff, but rotating will get the job done in a safe manner.

4. Schedule Regular Restroom Inspections

It doesn’t take long for a perfectly clean restroom to need attention again. Disrespectful visitors may scrawl their initials on the stalls, paper towels miss the wastebaskets, and toilet paper rolls go empty. Your janitorial staff should regularly inspect your facility’s restrooms throughout the day, checking for these and other issues and amending them as soon as possible.

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