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BET83039Although the forecast doesn’t always seem to agree, according to the calendar, it is officially spring in Danville! We’ve noticed a few signs already — the birds are singing, the temps are above freezing (at least during the day…sometimes!), and the sun is making more appearances. We love these signs of the season, but there is one not-so-pleasant one we’ve also spotted: floors covered in powdered white residue caused by months of tracked-in ice melt.

Ice melt does an outstanding job of keeping your walkways, parking lots and sidewalks safe during winter, but it can also leave an unsightly stain on floors come spring. Ice melts made of sodium chloride can even dull the finish of your floors, and those made with calcium or magnesium chloride can damage urethane and wax finishes. Instead of preventing slips and falls, ice melt residue can actually make hard floors slippery, presenting a hazard to employees and guests.

The best way to prevent these issues is to stop ice melt from entering your building by installing track mats, but if it has already hit your floors, follow these steps to make them look their best now that winter is over:

Get rid of large pieces of ice melt with a vacuum or mop, then clean the floors with a good detergent. You may have to use a mildly acidic cleaning solution if dirt has been tracked in along with the ice melt.

If you still aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your floors, cleaning equipment may be necessary. Use a buffer or burnisher to remove residue and restore shine to your floors.

To completely restore your floors after a particularly harsh winter, use a floor machine or autoscrubber. These machines are more aggressive and will prep the floor’s surface for a new coat by removing the old finish. The result: a shiny, clean floor free of ice melt.

If your floors are showing signs of winter wear and tear, contact the team at DP Supply, Inc. today to learn more about the cleaning supplies and equipment that can make them look like new!