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The Most Efficient Way to Disinfect Your Office

To reduce transmission of COVID-19 in your facility, the CDC recommends frequently disinfecting high-touch points. What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Cleaning simply removes germs from surfaces, but disinfecting actually kills germs left on a surface after cleaning. Disinfecting lowers the risk of spreading infection more. 

High-Touch Surfaces in Offices 

Offices are filled with high-touch surfaces that should be regularly disinfected. These surfaces include hand railings, door knobs and locks, drawer pulls and handles, common areas like the cafeteria or break room, light switches, faucet handles, toilet flushers and even keyboards and mice if they are shared by coworkers. 

Simpson SM1200 Sanitizing Mister and Pressure Washer for Efficient Disinfection 

Disinfecting large areas or spaces with lots of nooks and crannies can be time-consuming, but the Simpson SM1200 Sanitizing Mister makes thorough disinfection efficient and easy. This combination mister/pressure washer features a self priming supply and booster pump that pulls chemicals directly from the source without the hassle of manually priming the pump. The lightweight 75 ft. high pressure hose is kind and abrasion resistant, anti-microbial and UV resistant. The dual action metering valve gives you easy control of the flow and PSI of the disinfectant being used to mist, and the small, lightweight design is easy to maneuver and transport. This unit can be used to disinfect your entire facility, indoors and out. 

Key Benefits 

Professional results: The SM1200 is designed to deliver a uniform mist of disinfectant, resulting in thorough and complete application. 

Powerful performance: The SM1200 is designed to operate from any standard 15-amp outlet and features a 1.6 horsepower, 120-volt, 35-foot power cord with GFCI. 

High pressure chemical hose: The 75-foot high-pressure hose is designed to handle a wide variety of cleaning and sanitation chemicals for high-pressure washing and misting. 

Ideal for any facility: The SM1200 is perfect for offices, health care facilities, playgrounds, schools, cafeterias, retail stores, food processing facilities, daycares, restaurants, public transportation, gyms and more. 

To get professional disinfecting results in your office, order your SM1200 from DP Supply, Inc. today for just $995. Order now by calling 800-821-2389 before they are on back-order again!